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Ecommerce SEO

AmeriCommerce Ecommerce Software is search engine friendly with custom Meta Tags and Page Titles, Custom URLs, and SEO-optimized layouts to Custom HTML blocks, and much more.

SEO Friendly URLs & Custom URLs

Automatic URL Rewriting, provided by our ecommerce optimization features, turns long, dynamic page addresses into static, keyword filled search engine friendly addresses to boost your product pages in the rankings. Most other shopping carts use query string parameters to display every product through one page, such as /Product.aspx?ProductID=2, which can severely limit your SEO rankings. AmeriCommerce automatically generates SEO friendly URLs that include relevant keyword text, such as "/product.html".

Specify your own custom URL or path to a page for any product, manufacturer, category or content page. Override the default automatically generated Ecommerce SEO optimized URL with your own. Such as "whatever-you-want.html" or ""

Blogs and Optimized Content

The AmeriCommerce Blog System and Content Management system is engineered with SEO in mind. Use these tools to create and share great content from your store. Draw more inbound links, greater customer loyalty, and create discussions that keep you close to your audience.

Redirect Dead URLs with 301

Modify your URLs to improve Ecommerce Optimization relevance without fear of losing your existing rankings! AmeriCommerce SEO Shopping Cart Software automatically redirects your page requests to the most recent version of your URL with a 301 Permanent Redirect so Google will know your page has moved.

Keyword-Dense HTML Pages

AmeriCommerce automatically optimizes the page title, meta tags, alt text and URL of every page and items on your pages in your site for optimum search engine placement. It also allows you to override the automatic settings. Additionally it 'removes' unneeded markup typically needed for dynamic automated systems such as long control names in the html markup resulting in higher keyword to markup ratios.

Keep Page Rank When Moving to AmeriCommerce

Changing all of your URLs when switching shopping cart providers can destroy your sales if you are not careful. Google will drop all of your existing links if they receive 404 File Not Found errors when they check for page updates. Using the global URL Rewriting in AmeriCommerce SEO Shopping Cart Software you can provide all of your old URLs and point them to your new AmeriCommerce URLs with 301 Permanent Redirects.

Google Sitemap Generation

AmeriCommerce automatically generates a Google Sitemap page, which stays up-to-date at all times, to feed Google all of your product, category, manufacturer, and content page URLs. This allows your new site, and future updates, to be discovered by Google immediately and indexed quickly!

Custom HTML Areas

Insert and modify search engine optimized text throughout your product catalog and categories without any HTML knowledge using the built-in WYSIWYG Editor.

Custom HTML Content Pages

Upload or create search engine optimized pages without any HTML knowledge using the Content Management System.

Refine Each page

Refine every meta tag, description, page title and more on each page or leave it blank and AmeriCommerce will automatically fill it with relevant keywords.

Image Alt Tag Customization

Change image alt tag text across your online storefront's images or leave blank and our SEO shopping cart software will fill it in automatically.

Search Friendly Code Format

The entire storefront has been designed to include only the absolute minimum formatting code to allow for more keyword-dense, search engine friendly shopping cart pages.

Clean, Fast ASP.NET Code

The AmeriCommerce platform is built on ASP.NET to deliver a stable and agile app framework.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising

AmeriCommerce Ecommerce Optimization provides all of the tools necessary to create a search engine-friendly website automatically. However, having a high quality, search engine-friendly website isn't all you can do to ensure online success. In order to further increase your website's online presence, natural search engine optimization and Pay Per Click advertising work hand-in-hand with AmeriCommerce's automatic Ecommerce SEO to increase your search engine rankings, drive traffic to your website, and raise your revenue.

AmeriCommerce's SEO experts provide our customers with the most effective Internet marketing campaign for their online businesses. Our ethical and cost-effective techniques have achieved great results for businesses in all sectors and in all locations. Contact your AmeriCommerce representative today to begin your natural SEO and/or PPC campaign today.

Fast SEO Friendly Templates

AmeriCommerce features CSS driven, JavaScript condensed search engine optimized shopping cart design templates with no large header blocks or harmful mess behind the scenes of the page source.

Google Analytics for eCommerce

The AmeriCommerce platform allows for easy integration with Google Analytics which makes it easy to keep up with your online store's traffic.

Social Sharing

Empower your customers to promote your store and products! Social Sharing is a great way to get your customers involved. AmeriCommerce features a lot of powerful tools for sharing (Product Reviews, Facebook Store, Product Social Links, Embed Tools, and more!)


AmeriCommerce makes it easy to handle redirects for any necessary pages, so you aren't spliting a pages SEO value.


AmeriCommerce automatically creates an organized structure for your catalog and allows for further grouping. You can organize product information by category, manufacturer/brand, attribute, variant, product groups. More organized classifications for your site data help out search engines.

Fast Page Loads

AmeriCommerce continually optimizes its app infrastructure and website framework for speed, which means that our sites outperform other platforms, hands down. This means higher priority for search engines and better rankings. Read More about how site speed affects SEO.

Robots.txt/Robots file control

AmeriCommerce gives you full access and control of your Robots.txt file, which tells the search engines how to index your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add code snippets, tracking code, and a/b testing to an AmeriCommerce site?

A: Yes.