domain Multi-Store™

Manage and customize two or more online stores from a single admin - the innovative eCommerce software power play.

Expand Your Business with Multiple Storefronts

Run Your Day to Day

Manage your catalog, products, orders, customer data, reports and content for all your stores without duplicate efforts or multiple logins.

Grow Your Business Model

Market multiple brands and products to different customers in different regions-all with unique price points. Customize individual store layouts or reestablish branded themes.

Share Inventory Across Stores

Add products and bundles to multiple categories, share inventory across multiple online stores and update product info and pricing from one database.

Customize Shipping

Set rules for shipping products via warehouse or drop-shipping. Set customer discount triggers as well as preferences for warehouses and distributors

One Solution. Multiple stores.

Manage your inventory, customers and content for multiple selling strategies with a single admin console full of deep B2B features and customization tools. Each additional store is only $39, so your eCommerce platform scales with you as you expand your empire.

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Enterprise eCommerce with Pro-Grade Tools

With multiple storefront capabilities and deep catalog tools, AmeriCommerce puts the powers of customization and flexibility to work for you.

Management Tools


  • Set to hide pricing completely or display message to login for pricing
  • Restrict Login to Assigned Site

Shared Inventory

  • Products can be shared across all stores, while centrally located
  • Update products and info across all stores via one database
  • Add products to multiple categories and drive choice categories to specific stores

Marketing Tools and Channels

  • Set different levels of pricing by customer type, by store type, by market or region
  • Manage B2B, wholesale and retail customers with microstores or multiple stores
  • Set up shipping and taxes by region , and designate margins

Design Customization

  • Control the branded theme design of nearly 50 types of pages, from home page to cart pages, product and category pages, content pages and in-app blog
  • All stores have their own theme files and settings, making them entirely distinctive
  • Customers can shop across multiple stores with one checkout experience

Can I add multiple stores later?

Absolutely. Yes, you can add more stores at any time. If you think you will use multiple store in the future, make sure to store all of your product images in the "shared" folder for your site. This enables any additional store(s) to pull from the shared folder later, saving you both disk space and timely, duplicate efforts.

Can I have different prices on my stores?

Yes, your entire product catalog can have prices that vary by store. For example, you may have a B2B or wholesale site that offers 10,000 products at 30% margins, while you have another retail online store that sells 6,000 of those same products at 40% margins. Each store is geared to a different customer, need and price.

Whether it's wholesale or retail or just multiple selling strategies, AmeriCommerce enables you to run it all from one shared database for all the details.

AmeriCommerce Knows Multi-Stores

We're committed to the success of your business, whether you need one store or many. To learn more about our powerful Multi-Store functionality, check out our FREE whitepaper.

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Don't overlook these great multi-store features

Manage All Your Orders in One Place

  • Your AmeriCommerce dashboard is designed to give an informative, at-a-glance view. The Orders Dashboard provides customer data, order status and totals from all your stores so you can quickly see which stores are ringing up sales.
  • In the admin panel, click Orders to see the dashboard. To view more details per order, simply hover over the itemized order of interest. Save time and cut down on clicks with one comprehensive view of orders.

Shared Inventory

  • Shared inventory management can be a real advantage for managing more than one store. Whether you offer different products for different stores or the same product across many stores, you can consolidate information and avoid duplicate efforts.
  • Upload product SKUs , pricing and images just once and apply it to multiple categories and stores. In the admin panel, click Catalog. Add new products by simply filling in the fields and assigning the proper categorization tags. Or do a mass import for adding many products at once.

Easily Switch Between Your Stores

  • Toggle from store to store to view sales, orders, customers and reports without the tasks of logging in and out or seeking outside resources.
  • Multiple stores lets you manage multiple selling strategies or business models. Apply product edits and uploads for all stores or just one. This feature can be helpful for managing online wholesale and retail businesses, multiple brands or multiple customer types .

Add a Multi-Store™

$39 Per Store

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