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Manage your inventory, customers and content for multiple selling strategies with a single admin console full of deep B2B features and customization tools.

The world's most powerful multi-store system

Manage your customers, orders, shipping, products, transactions and all your daily sales activities across multiple stores through your single admin console. You can assign administrators and permissions to manage various aspects of each storefront and its data. Common use cases include connected DTC and B2B experiences or for international sites, but we've had some brands stretch our limits and connect thousands of stores at once.

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We use multi-store functionality for two purposes. First, to run multiple stores for different countries such as US, UK, NZ, AU etc. and secondly to run our separate wholesale stores.

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Add Any Number of Stores

You can add more stores at any time. If you think you will use multiple store in the future, make sure to store all of your product images in the "shared" folder for your site. This enables any additional store(s) to pull from the shared folder later, saving you both disk space and timely, duplicate efforts.

Shared Products & Inventory

Share the same products across all stores while centrally located and even update product info across all stores with one click. With AmeriCommerce, your inventory can be linked across several websites so that when someone purchases a product on Store A then it affects inventory on Store B.

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Unique Design Per Store

Take the design of each store to the next level with advanced design tools and full access to HTML and CSS. You'll have complete control of your separate stores and can work within your free theme or use custom HTML files.

White Label Yourself

Do you have a catalog that you want to offer under another name? No problem! Use Multi-Store capabilities and your product catalog can have as many websites, domains, or stores with any look and feel you want - all pulling the same products but with different info.

Easily Switch Between Your Stores

Toggle from store to store to view sales, orders, customers and reports without the tasks of logging in and out or seeking outside resources.

Manage All Your Orders in One Place

The Orders Dashboard provides customer data, order status and totals from all your stores so you can quickly see which stores are ringing up sales.

Can’t find a feature? Let us build it!

We probably have it if you ask! We don't list all our featuers on this site, but the free trial is completely unlimited so be sure to check it out. Otherwise, request a quote from our dev team and we can add it!

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