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webStore Management


Power more with Multi-Store™. Run multiple storefronts from the same, single admin. Different stores for different business models? Bring it on! AmeriCommerce's innovative technology brings power and control to managing all your product inventory, customers, and day-to-day operations among 2 or more stores. You'll have command over all the details of your stores' designs, payment methods, shipping, product options and more with our game-changing feature.


Shipping Tools

Your store is easy to setup with basic ecommerce shipping rates, real-time rate calculations from UPS, USPS, and FedEx. For more advanced shipping needs, AmeriCommerce has powerful options for custom shipping rules and conditions.

Abandoned Carts

Review your abandon cart history and gain insight on your customers shopping experience. The abandon cart history shows you all session details on pages viewed, date and time, what items were placed in their cart, and their experience on your site.

Email Templates

Get tons of prebuilt email templates that are 100% cutomizable.

User Roles

Assign administrators and permissions to manage your online store. Settings can be granular by role or function on a store level or globally across all your stores throughout your entire admin experience.

Drop Shipping

Automatically break up orders containing products from multiple drop shippers and sends customized email notifications to the fulfillment warehouses.

Customer Accounts

Let your customers create accounts or checkout as guests.


Use the quoting tool to create a custom quote with all your customer and product information and send it via email to your customer.

Order Fulfillment

Create orders on behalf of customers right through your store. Using the order entry features you can create the customer, select their products and capture their credit card and shipping info all from one page in the admin console.

Mass Import

Setting up your store and adding critical store data is easy via the mass import tool. Import customers, orders, categories, products, tracking, inventory, google product feeds, reviews, shipping rules and so much more.


Set up your store to calculate taxes automatically. You can define global regions, assign multiple tax rates and define if shipping and handling are taxable. With integrations into accounting systems like QuickBooks or PeachTree Accounting, you can push new orders into your account system.


Complex Products

AmeriCommerce was built to handle the hard stuff. Sure, our platform can help you sell the easy merch, but if your catalog is packed with complex products or bulk item pricing variables-game on! Our multi-faceted pricing options and product variants can make your job easier and the customer's shopping experience smoother. Set tiered pricing, set customer-based pricing, wholesale vs. retail and more with extreme flexibility. Push the limits and power more sales with our complex product options.

Unlimited Groups & Kits

Help your customers find a collection of products that work together or depend on one another.

Unlimited Product Options

Products can have as many options as you need. So things like size, color, type, are easy to select and each can have their own SKU, photo, weight, and price adjustments based on the option selected.

Multidimensional Product Reviews

Shoppers trust the feedback of customers so include social proof, ratings and real customer testimonials on your products. You can have a simple review for up to 5 stars with comment, or you can specify a multidimensional review and create as many dimensions to the review as you like.

Inventory Management

Keep real-time inventory counts from the admin on all products and product options and variants.

Digital Products

Your e-book, mp3, software license or other digital download is easily managed and sold through your AmeriCommerce store. Take advantage of multiple delivery methods for your downloadable product.

Product Videos

Your products can include videos along with multiple images and text descriptions.

Product Comparison

Let your customers do side-by-side product comparisons while they shop.

Sell Anywhere

Go beyond your store and place your on other sites like Blogs, Facebook, and CMS sites with our easy to embed buy button. You can even tweet or email your product link or add-to-cart link.

Wish Lists

Let your customers discover and and save your products to their wishlist. This small commitment on the customers part moves them a step closer to a purchase.

In Stock Notifications

Let your customers opt-in for a product notification on out-of-stock products.

Subscription & Recurring Requests

Set up subscriptions for physical and digital products for any product(s) in your catalog. You can automatically accept payments on orders set to recurring intervals.

shopping_cartOrders & Shipping

B2B & WholeSale

Wholesale, distributors and B2B businesses choose AmeriCommerce for reaching that next phase of success. Our strength of handling high-volume orders and our adaptability of customizing prices or products is unmatched. You can offer advanced pricing, bulk or price quantity breaks, distribution options and manage different customer types with our B2B eCommerce tools. Cater to your market and your model with AmeriCommerce.

Accept Payments

Give your customers a variety of payment options from major credit cards, purchase orders, PayPal, Amazon Checkout and more. AmeriCommerce has more than 50 payment gateways already integrated so you'll be able to sell quickly. If you haven't established your ecommerce payment processor, use AmeriCommerce Merchant Services for instant setup.

Partial Orders & Split Shipping

Split orders into distinct orders or ship a single order in multiple shipments, keeping track of all shipping data like tracking information for each shipment.

Purchase Orders

Increase your sales by offering PO #'s as a valid payment type at checkout. Big customers or clients often expect a purchase order payment instead of credit card and keep the orders flowing. This is a payment type you enable and can include a text field to capture a unique purchase order number to keep on the order.

Phone Orders

Got a hot customer on the phone ready to buy? Create orders on behalf of your customer right through your store. The order can capture their credit card info, customer and shipping info and all the products as if they shopped for it - you just do the order entry and info gathering. If you use Live Chat, this might be a way to move questions into a direct sales opportunity over the phone.

Accounting Integrations

Automatically download new orders and synchronize inventory with QuickBooks or PeachTree Accounting using tools like our AmeriSync application. Push new orders directly into your accounting system for real-time accounting integration with virtually ANY accounting system!

Pre-Build Shopping Cart & Email a Link

Want to shop for your customer and put everything together in a nice pre-made cart? Now you can do the shopping for a specific customer and select all their items in a pre-made cart using the quoting tool.

Top Sellers, Suggested Items, & Related Items

Transform your store into a persuasive sales tool that up-sells and suggests products to your shoppers - easily. Give customers suggestions for their next item, similar item, popular items and moreEncourage sales by having more ways for customers to pay including split payments, pay by partial payment and gift cards or customer loyalty points!

Multiple Payment Types

Setting up your store and adding critical store data is easy via the mass import tool. Import customers, orders, categories, products, tracking, inventory, google product feeds, reviews, shipping rules and so much more.

Customize Cart Page

Your cart page is surprisingly persuasive to your customers. Customize it with up-sell features and suggested items, or boost confidence with information about your return policy, or promote an unexpected gift - all in the cart page.


Workflow Rule Engine

Drive sales, intelligence and automation through the workflow rule engine. This dynamic rule generator creates specific conditions and actions for discounts, pricing, shipping, emailing, visitor traffic and much more.

Promote Yourself

AmeriCommerce provides a comprehensive set of marketing tools. Stay in touch with your customers via email automation and drip series emails. Push products into new sales channels with product portal feeds. Create relevant touch points with marketing triggers based on abandoned cart or other customer activity. Drive sales with tools like Newsletter, ad codes, SEO and more.

Automatically Generated Sitemaps

Automatically generate your sitemap.xml is with your products, site pages, and blog posts.

Email Automation

Make everything a touch point for customer contact and sales opportunities.

card_giftcardMarketing & SEO

SEO Tools

Get as specific and granular with your Ecommerce SEO efforts as you can imagine. Automatically generate permalinks (permanent / static url's to your content), page titles, H1, meta tags, alt tags and override anything at the page, product, and category level.

Customer Rewards

Foster customer loyalty and generate repeat customers using a built in Rewards program for orders placed on your store.

Drip Series Emails

Use time intervals and specific actions to start a series of emails to inform, educate, promote and sell your customers.


Blogs are central to building loyalty, SEO and marketing strategies. Use tools that help you sell your products from your ecommerce blog, post unlimited blogs and actually create as many blogs as you want.

Google Analytics

Simple and easy installation of your Google Analytics tracking code within your store admin.

Newsletter & Email Marketing

Take advantage of integrations with SendGrid, MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, Campaign Monitor or other email marketing services.

Ad Codes

Use ad codes to create links that are track-able for email campaigns, PPC campaigns etc.

Tweet Products

Tweet your new products or special announcements via shareable links on all your products. Or, set up unique links that take any product and add them to the cart so a visitor doesn't just land on the product page, they land on a cart page with the product already in their cart.

Social Media Integration

All websites have social media integration, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


Sales Reports

Get as granular as you need. Use complex or simple filters to see how your sales do day-to-day, month-to-month or anything in between.

Catalog Search Queries

Via Advanced Website Analytics, you can find out what products and search phrases customers are looking for once they land on your site. Ecommerce Analytics helps to identify popular products you are lacking, and common misspellings that can be included in the hidden keywords of the correct product.

Reporting Dashboard

Keep your store reports in focus. Use the reporting dashboard to always keep up with how your store is doing.

Traffic & Referral Reports

Need to know how your site traffic is doing or where your customers are coming from? Use powerful site traffic reports and referral reports.

Support for 3rd Party Tracking

Add the JavaScript tracking code provided by any 3rd party analytics package to enable supplemental tracking to your ecommerce analytics capabilities.



With AmeriCommerce, you have full HTML and CSS access to your online store. Unlike other platforms, this makes it easy to customize every aspect of your website - from home page to check out. Drop down menus, navigation, and category pages are just the beginning. It's your store - make it work for you with AmeriCommerce HTML and CSS. Complete access means complete control.

Free Themes

Get up and running with a great site design without the hassle. Install one of our free ecommerce templates and start selling.

Mobile Commerce

With Mobile Commerce, you can sell to your customers on-the-go through your Mobile Optimized storefront theme. This theme is flexible for desktop, tablet, and mobile, so you can capture sales without having to worry about what device your customer is on.


Use a custom domain name to reflect your store or buy one through AmeriCommerce.

Full Featured Website

Control every aspect of your ecommerce website with AmeriCommerce. From powerful design tools to full site and catalog control, your AmeriCommerce store gives you the control you need.

FTP Access

Manage your design files and photos using direct FTP access or via our file manager.

Live Theme Editor

With our Live Design ecommerce theme editor, you can take your store design to the next level with our advanced site designer, LiveDesign. Change colors, text, images, layout elements and more without having to worry about writing code.


Server Technology

AmeriCommerce relies upon a sophisticated server environment and uses separate servers for SQL and Web services so each can be optimized to their highest performance.

Denial of Service Protection and Resolution Controls

Working with Rackspace, AmeriCommerce is able to offer DDOS mitigation services to ensure up-time in the event of a DDOS attack. Rackspace has combined three different technologies to create a comprehensive protection system for their network. This protection can be implemented On-Demand with no upgrades or architecting required.

The Platform

AmeriCommerce is more than the technology running payments or an online store, it's an entire platform that can be used to enable ecommerce in apps, blogs, CRM's, CMS's and market places.

Flexible Commerce Cloud Multitenant Architecture & Scalability

AmeriCommerce will natively "spin down" specific pages that are infrequently used. So spikes in traffic don't have as much of an impact on the site's performance.

Hardware Accelerated Gzip compression on all output

AmeriCommerce pushes all of our traffic through F5's Big-IP in order to compress all web traffic using GZIP compression. This provides our customers with incredible performance improvements.

PCI logo

We Are PCI Certified and Meet or Exceed Security Standards and Regulations. With AmeriCommerce, Your Data and Your Customer's Data is Safe.

Rackspace logo

Our fully managed, scalable infrastructure, runs on state-of-the-art servers at Rackspace. Our uptime is stellar.

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