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Run One or Multiple Stores

Don't limit your growth potential, market size or markets served! Customize your store to serve your customers with perfectly tailored look, feel, and product positioning. Manage all your products, content and customers for one or multiple stores in one unified admin console.

Start your store with the future in mind:
  • One store until you are ready for more.
  • One store with many micro-stores (like franchise stores).
  • Many stores with common product catalog (white label yourself).
  • Allow custom look and feel for each store.
  • Allow customers to shop across all your stores or one-by-one.
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Sell Anywhere

What if your products spanned the limits of your store website? Distribute your products within your social network, current website or content management system and let customers add your products to the cart and checkout from anywhere - easily.

Expand and multiply your sales opportunities:
  • Sell products anywhere by being where your customers already are.
  • Sell on Facebook, via mobile, and any website or social network.
  • Turn any site into an ecommerce shopping site.
  • Capitalize on your online presence.
  • Great for selling digital products, services and recurring subscriptions.
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Design Your Store

Smart tools for completely customizing a theme or designing your own store. More than a store theme, you can design nearly 50 types of pages like content pages, product pages and search pages while using drag-and-drop tools to tune up any layout. Control your navigation, header, sidebars, widgets and more!

Have it your way:
  • Drag and drop editing on any theme without knowing HTML.
  • Use widgets, content hooks, slideshows, and more.
  • Turn any site into an ecommerce shopping site.
  • Pull designs and files in via FTP either within your theme or outside of it.
  • Create 100% unique themes with full on CSS and HTML control.
  • Create a different look for specific categories or page types or page by page.
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Products and Merchandising

Create, manage and display all types of products with a powerful set of tools. Sell just about anything with the AmeriCommerce platform. From downloadable products, services and recurring subscription-based products to advanced products that require attributes or special options, you'll have the tools you need.

Unlimited possibilities and untapped potential:
  • Group many products to create one product.
  • Embed your products and store capabilities into other sites or platforms.
  • Products with multiple options are just one SKU!
  • Dress up, showcase, and customize the display of products.
  • Powerful options for pricing, discounts, shipping and more.
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Marketing & SEO

These tools multiply sales. Use them! From on page optimization and inbound marketing to outbound promotion and social media, AmeriCommerce is a great tool for new and sophisticated marketers alike.

Marketing horsepower right from the start:
  • Each store has a Facebook shop enabled and ready to configure - Free
  • Expand sales by pushing products to comparison sites and portal feeds
  • Create repeat buyers with email automation, email drip campaigns, and abandoned cart emails.
  • Use standard or expirable coupons and behavioral triggers to reward purchases.
  • Control SEO relevant areas by page and by product.
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Drive Conversions

Take your store to greater heights by direct sales engagement. More than promotions and coupons, increase sales store-wide by customer behavior, special sales tools, or product promotions. If you like control, you'll love the depth of features and access provided to create dynamic sales opportunities.

Get hands on and in depth.
  • Customize your cart page, product pages, payment types, and onepage checkout.
  • Suggest related products with a product list or "people also bought" widgets.
  • Use quotes and prebuilt cart orders to drive one click sales via emails
  • Create custom triggers or workflow rules to offer discounts or limited time sales offers.
  • Do live order entry on their behalf - over the phone or at an onsite event.
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Social Engagement

Trust is the new currency of the web, are you demonstrating trustworthiness? Amplify your marketing and sales by letting customers share their voice. Enable your customers to review products, socially share your site and even sell for you!

Get a little social:
  • Sell on Facebook and encourage Facebook sharing.
  • Stimulate product reviews and feedback.
  • Open up live chat sessions with your customers
  • Tweet products and encourage twitter sharing.
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Manage Your Store

All the essential back office tools to manage your store, orders and customers. When it comes to the daily routine of order management, customer management and all your inventory for one or multiple stores, you'll find everything you need accessible in your admin console.

Back office goodies:
  • Product editor, mass import / export tools, and inventory reports
  • Shipping tools, shipping rates, drop shipping, and warehouses.
  • Customer management, order management, and order entry.
  • Create and manage workflow rules, triggers, and analytics.
  • View customer sessions, shopping history and abandoned cart history.
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Apps & Integration

Plug things into the platform or pull things, your store is adaptable. While stable, reliable, and robust, you'll find the AmeriCommerce platform is flexible too. Bring in custom development objectives, third-party tools, or API situations and the AmeriCommerce platform responds with capabilities and options.

How things fit:
  • Integrate with SOAP XML API
  • Use ClientSide Javascript API
  • Expand your back office and workflows for tax calculators, shipping, pricing and more
  • Choose from an ever growing list of integration partners.
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Security & Platform

More than an ecommerce software, AmeriCommerce is a scalable app and platform. With world class hosting and 99.9% up time via Rackspace data centers along with PCI compliance and security, AmeriCommerce is an extremely reliable self-hosted app. More than that, the platform is always improving.

The details:
  • PCI Compliance and security.
  • Flexible commerce cloud multitenant architecture supporting immense scalability.
  • Servers that never go above 30% utilization.
  • Separate SQL and Web servers managed and configured by true nerds.
  • Flexible platform tools for extending the platform.
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