Products and Merchandising

Show off, share, and suggest products like never before! With AmeriCommerce you have so many ways to set up and sell your stuff that you'll never feel limited.

Creating customers is more than just a store and products. Sometimes earning a sale is as simple as adding customer reviews or suggesting a related product to tip a shopper into a buyer. Other times, it's how the product looks or is presented in context with other products or how easy it is to understand the options and variations of the product.

No matter how simple or complex your type of product is, AmeriCommerce helps your products go from the store into your customers cart!

Sell Anywhere

Sell Anywhere

Go beyond your store and put your products anywhere your customers are. Using embedded ecommerce tools, you can take any product and place it on other sites like Blogs, Facebook, and CMS sites. You can even tweet or email your product link or add-to-cart link. With AmeriCommerce, your products can go anywhere without requiring additional technology, carts, or re-entry of product details.

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Customer Rewards and Loyalty System

Customer Rewards and Loyalty System

Foster customer loyalty and generate repeat customers using a built in Rewards program for orders placed on your store(s)!

With a range of admin settings you can motivate your customers to buy more and do more with your store in order to earn points. Customers can earn points for purchases, or get bonus points for buying certain products. Control how many points are earned per dollar spent and even allow points to be used as payments. You can set the minimum reward points to be redeemed and can disallow points on any products you choose. You can also setup points to become available after a certain time post-purchase and set expiration times to points earned. You can also setup automated emails for earning points, points expiring and more!

You can also allow the points value to show on products and in the cart to further influence the purchase by the number of points they will earn. It's a powerful tool, and very effective.

Groups and Kits

Unlimited Groups and Kits

Help your customers find a collection of products that work together or depend on one another. For example, "Kits" are used to bring together several (usually unrelated or dissimilar) products that you want to present as a kit (or bundle) with a unique package price. Whereas "Groups" are a logical listing of similar products where you can pick one or many of those grouped products and add them to the cart all at once from the group page. In either case your groups and kits can have a parent product and description to establish the family of products you are offering.

Unlimited Product Options and Variants

Unlimited Product Options and Variants

Products can have as many options as you need. So things like size, color, type, are easy to select and each can have their own SKU, photo, weight, and price adjustments based on the option selected.


Products with Personalization and File Upload

Do you sell a product that needs customer information such as text for engraving or a file for printing? Do you need more than one set of data? Perhaps you need the customer to give you several files and pieces of information. No problem. All products can include file upload and text boxes that attached to the product and order for viewing during order fulfillment.

Digital Products

Selling Digital Products, Downloads, and Product Keys

Your e-book, mp3, software license or other digital download is easily managed and sold through your AmeriCommerce store. Your downloadable product has many methods of delivery from dynamically issuing product keys and serials numbers via email to having an expirable download link for immediate download after purchase. Store the downloadable file within your store or on Amazon S3.

QA and A Widget

Answer Questions with the Q&A Widget

No matter what you sell, your customers are always going to have questions. This is where the questions and answers widget comes in handy. Store owners can add a Q&A widget to any page on their store that allows customers to ask questions and receive answers from the store owner, admin users or other shoppers. This is how it works, when a question is asked or answered, both the person who asked the question and any other people who have answered the question will be notified.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Subscriptions & Recurring Products

Customers and store owners love the convenience of recurring orders. A customer can purchase once and their payment repeat the order based on the recurring intervals you have established and automatically accept payment. You can do this for physical and digital products and for some or all products in your catalog.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Keep real-time inventory counts from the administration area on all products and product options and variants. Use Variant Inventory to define what valid combinations are available (small red but not large red, for instance) and to override pricing and track inventory on the variant combination level. All inventory adjustments can be made through the Mass Inventory Editor page, CSV import or the Web Services API.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Shoppers trust the feedback of customers so include social proof, ratings and real customer testimonials on your products. You can have a simple review for up to 5 stars with comment, or you can specify a multidimensional review and create as many dimensions to the review as you like. For example, if you sold a TV, your multidimensional review may ask for the rating of all three; Picture Quality, Sound Quality and TV Features. You can moderate reviews or have them go live immediately.

Powerful Pricing Tools

Powerful Pricing Tools

Do you have some complex pricing conditions? Need to do mark up or mark down based on retail or wholesale customers? Perhaps you want to do product specific or store wide price increase for a date range or price breaks at certain quantities? The possibilities are endless, but with the advanced pricing options and the pricing calculator tool, you can do amazing price calculations by percent, profit, price, quantity, date range, store (if you are using multistore) and customer type.

Back in Stock Notifications

Back In Stock Notifications

Increase sales by letting your customers opt-in for a product notification on out-of-stock products. Use this feature and drive customers back to purchase when your item is back in stock with an automated email (set it and forget it) and watch customers come back when your item is back in stock!

Comparison Engines

Comparison Engine

Increase exposure among savvy shoppers! Take your product catalog and distribute it across dozens of product feeds and comparison engines like Amazon, Google, Yahoo Shopping, NewEgg, Shopzilla, and many more. This integration will pull your product details straight from your AmeriCommerce product catalog automatically. Just keep your store up-to-date and the product feeds are on auto pilot.

Unique Design Optins

Unique Design Options

Need to color theme your products to match price plans or product types? Or perhaps you sell themed items and want the category of products and related product pages to match the theme? No problem! Completely customize and design category pages and product templates to create unique designs for one or many product pages.

Multiple Stores and Micro-Stores

Multiple Stores and Micro-Stores

You can maintain your products and pricing across multiple stores and micro-stores without creating more work.

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Custom Description Tabs

Custom Description Tabs

Need to include product specification and technical information? Whatever the case maybe, you can go beyond a standard product description by including custom description tabs that have full HTML options.

Image Zoom

Hi-res Images & Zoomify

If you have high resolution pictures of your products and you want to give customers the ability to zoom in on product pictures, pan within the image and see greater detail then the Zoomify integration will be ideal.

Product Slideshows


Promote products with special images, offers, and attention by using the slideshow widget. With unlimited slides, full control of css, height and width of slideshow, image and custom html, you'll be able to create exactly what you want to promote your products and services.

Product Carousels


Encourage the shoppers next click by using product carousels to show product images, prices and suggestions from other product pages. Your carousel can suggest products base on many criteria such as Hot Sellers, New Items, Related items from cart, spotlight items, sale items, Others also purchased these items and several more. You control how many products it shows, what size it is and how it looks.

Suggested Products

Top Sellers, Suggested Items, Related Items

Cross-sells and up-sells through suggested product widgets are powerful selling tools. AmeriCommerce has several widgets that can be used repeatedly with different criteria resulting in many many options. For a more hands-on promotion, use the slideshow for big images, custom HTML and fancy stuff. Otherwise, use Carousel and Product Display widgets to automatically up-sell and suggest products. Optionally set the widget to show quantity boxes and add to cart button, buy it now / more link, show product options and variants and even redirect to checkout from add to cart.

Automatically suggest by these options:
  • Others also purchased items
  • Category product list
  • Featured items
  • Hot sellers
  • New items
  • Product list
  • Related items
  • Related items from cart
  • Sale items
  • Spotlight items
  • Recently viewed items
  • Customer favorites
  • Viewed this but bought these
Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and Coupons

You need the ability to offer discounts for promotions - with Americommerce, you can take discounts to the next level. So, basic percent off, price reductions, free shipping, flat dollar off discounts, promotional codes etc are a given. Using the all-powerful discount rules engine, you can set criteria that must be met before discounts are offered. For example, have discounts that kick in after a certain purchasing amount has been met, or offer a free gift with purchase, or a buy one get one free, or invite a customer back after purchase to get a one time use percent off entire purchase offer and many more. The discount rules engine lets you step through many unique criteria to build the perfect discount or promotion requirements.

Need 10,000 unique codes for one discount? Want to issue all of them and track response? Not a problem with the AmeriCommerce coupon campaign tools. Great tools for sales promotions and aggressive marketing!

Quotes amd Proposals

Quoting and Proposals

Does your business require consultative sales, relationship sales, or bids and estimates? If so, using the quoting tool, you can pull any products in your store into a custom proposal with all your customer information and store and product information and your customer can review and purchase all items in your proposal as if they had shopped for them in your store and added them to their cart. Set a date for the quote to expire, add discounts, and custom comments. You can even create custom products and prices to account for services or fees that are not actually in your store product catalog, but need to be included and purchased through the quote. This powerful tool is saved in your store admin and sent to your customer via email with a one-click checkout experience.

Shipping Flexibility

Shipping Flexibility

From breakout shipping, drop shipping, real-time rate calculations for shippers like UPS, FedEx and USPS, along with a dynamic shipping rules engine, AmeriCommerce has many options to address and manage shipping. See all the details on shipping here.

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Multistore Pricing

Same Product But Different by Store

Want to white label yourself? Perhaps you want to segment yourself into high-end and mid-range markets? When you use the AmeriCommerce multiple storefront tools, you can manage one common product catalog but have the same product look differently according to the store its being displayed in.

MAP Pricing

MAP Pricing

Have products with below retail pricing? Need to honor manufacturer pricing standards that prevent displaying prices that are below suggested retail price? Simple enable Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) pricing to create a custom text link that tells the shopper to add to cart in order to see price.


Wish lists

Let your customers discover and and save your products to their wishlist. This small commitment on the customers part moves them a step closer to a purchase. Amplify the power of wish lists by using marketing automation that encourages repeat shopping experiences.

Clone Products

Clone Products

Want to speed up your product entry? Have a common pattern for products and want to save on time? You can clone products with one click and easily edit all the product information.

Product List Widget

Product List Widget

Increase visibility of specific products when you build a custom product list. Once you build your list. promote the products anywhere throughout your site with the product list widget feature.

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Catalog Management

Catalog Management

Manage all your products using unlimited categories, groups, kits, options and variants.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Drive sales and extend purchase activity by offering any denomination of gift certificate through your store. AmeriCommerce provides all the tools from creating, managing and issuing and claiming gift certificates.

Digital Products

Product Management & Upload

Use a variety of tools to create your products in your catalog such as the web-based catalog editor, mass-product editor, CSV import/export, or the Web Services API. Whether you have 10 products or 100,000 or more, AmeriCommerce can facilitate your product management efforts.

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