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Loyalty, Rewards & Budgets

With loyalty rewards you can power not only reward points to incentivize repeat D2C buyers, but also provide budgets to employees purchasing when using B2B portals.

Multiple Ways To Award Points

Rewards Points gives you the ability to reward customers for not just making a purchase, but via several methods you can utlize to increase brand loyalty. Points can be awarded to customers automatically when they place an order, writing a product review, making a blog comment, refering a friend, sharing on social platforms or an anniversary or birthday. Allow your shopper to earn during events like these:

  • Making a purchase
  • Registering an account
  • Submitting product reviews
  • Commenting on blog posts
  • Referring a product to a friend
  • Engaging on your store's social media pages
  • Birthdays or anniversaries
  • Monthly, Daily, Yearly (budgets)
  • After spending X dollars
  • After buying X items
Reward Points UI Display
Reward Tier Graphic With Product Cards

Tiered Reward Programs

With reward tiers, you can prompt users to move to higher tiers with better benefits for showing their loyalty to your store. Tiers can have unique rules, discounts, settings and more that can help drive even more brand advocates for your store.

Expiration Email Mockup with product cards

Notification Like Balance Reminders

Drive sales and engagement by reminding buyers when they have points soon to expire, have been rewarded new points, or are nearing their eligibility for more rewards or reaching another reward tier. Notification emails can be completely customized to each store's needs for optimal results.

Time Based Allocations & Rolling Budgets

A powerful feature designed to give you additional reward point allocation options in your ecommerce experience giving you flexibility to set the frequency of reward point resets, whether it's monthly, quarterly, or yearly—according to your business or client’s needs. This streamlined approach saves you time and ensures consistent rewards for your customers.

Manage Monthly Employee Budgets

Are you managing a B2B portal for employees to purchase swag, apparel or uniforms? Our rewards feature fits perfectly for companies allocating monthly stipends/budgets to spend on products daily, monthly, yearly and more. With our ability to set max quantities per product, you gain full control of your employee experience.

Full Admin Control On Orders & Adjustments

If you have customers needing manual adjustments on points, the store admin can adjust this at the customer level from many areas of the admin. Also, if you're looking to take back end order payments with reward points, you can do that as well! With AmeriCommerce, the merchant is in full control of point moderation on accounts and orders alike.

Create Your Custom Rule

Have a complex setup around your budgets or reward allocations? No problem. The powerful Rule Engine of AmeriCommerce allows the ability to create triggers, conditions and actions that allow for complete flexibility and control when managing your reward points. Navigate to Rule Engine > Customer Events > New where you can create a rules based on a trigger of your choosing. Conditions can be set to first consider Customer Type, Reward Tier or even Custom Fields.

Rule Engine Screens

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