Wholesale & B2B

You can offer advanced pricing, bulk or price quantity breaks, distribution options and manage different customer types with our B2B ecommerce tools.

Not your typical B2B portal

Our platform is uniquely built to serve companies with ecommerce needs that don't sit in front of the public eye. Internal catalog management systems, electronic documentation access and even simple company swag stores! Our wide breath of security and access management features allow you next-level controls needed for companies with high security requirements.

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Custom Pricing & Payment Types

Setup wholesale customers with unique pricing views so you don't have to manage a separate stores or products to have a wholesale environment. Customer types can be associated to customers for grouping customers into buckets or tiers. Customers can also have unique custom payment types as defined by you or use our typical defaults such as Net 30, Net 60, or credit card payments.

Comprehensive User Control

B2B portals are known to need very detailed user management capabilities which is why we've invested heavily into our security features. You can control which users can see what content, products, prices, cart, catalogs, categories and more. Plus, our audit history logs are present on key admin pages which adds another layer of transparency for internal admin users.

Unleash your B2B sales team

Create orders on behalf of customers right through your store using the manual order entry features. You can create the customer, select their products, select a sales rep and capture their credit card or enter their Net payment terms all from one page in the admin console.

Create quotes with ease

Set a date for the quote to expire, add discounts, and custom comments for the customer to read, or private comments for internal viewing only. You can even create custom products and prices to account for services or fees that are not actually in your store product catalog, but need to be included and purchased through the quote.

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Robust internet sales along with international shipping and a customized wholesale category (for retailers) has made our store a recognizable player in the children's product category.

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Set Multiple Customer Types

Whether it's a public user, a distributor that needs special pricing, or a wholesale partner - you can set unlimited customer types and logins for your store visitors. Handy when you only want a portion of visitors to see certain products, pricing or content pages on your online store.

Quantity Based Pricing (Volume Discounts)

Perfect for large quantity products in the B2B space. Our ecommerce merchants are using AmeriCommerce to sell promotional items, commercial products, and anything else that's ordered on a large scale. Protect your margins and add flexibility to your inventory with volume based pricing.

Thorough Audit History

See who's edited what product, what content page, what user permission and what content/landing page. Your web admin will have access to logs of how your data is changed whether it's a rogue employee or an integration with a third party that you thought you shut off already.

Workflow Rule Engine

Create your own rules with our powerful Rule Engine. Our rule engine needs zero coding experience and let's anyone create rules based on several triggers, set conditions, and create actions to make management easier on your web team.

Can’t find a feature? Let us build it!

We probably have it if you ask! We don't list all our featuers on this site, but the free trial is completely unlimited so be sure to check it out. Otherwise, request a quote from our dev team and we can add it!

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