Social Engagement

Empower your customers to get involved with your store, your products and your community!

Today's shopper expects to see signals of trust, evidence of other happy customers and proof of a live and flourishing site. Use your AmeriCommerce powered store as a platform to encourage customer generated content for reviews and social media activities and strengthen your brand and customer loyalty!

Many store owners will use the marketing tools, drip series emails and work flow rules to help automate the process without a lot of daily effort. With AmeriCommerce, you'll have many tools to create engagement and interest. Now you're ready to get social!


Multidimensional Reviews

Your customers will create compelling sales information when you empower them with collaborative tools like the multidimensional review of your products. You can create as many dimensions to the review as you like. For example, if you sold a TV, your multidimensional review may ask for the rating of all three; Picture Quality, Sound Quality and TV Features. The rest is up to your customers. Spur reviews through your own Facebook and Twitter communities as well as your website and emails. Use the workflow rules coupled with email drips to automatically send emails requesting reviews of products your customer purchased.

QA and A Widget

Ask Questions, Get Answers

No matter what you sell, your customers are always going to have questions. This is where the questions and answers widget comes in handy. Store owners can add a Q&A widget to any page on their store that allows customers to ask questions and receive answers from the store owner, admin users or other shoppers.

This is how it works, when a question is asked or answered, both the person who asked the question and any other people who have answered the question will be notified.

Sell on Facebook

Your Facebook Page and Store

Take social networking to a new level by turning Facebook conversation into sales opportunities within your own Facebook page. With Americommerce, your Facebook visitors can have a complete shopping experience within Facebook seeing all your products and creating an order without leaving Facebook.

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Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Let your customers promote products they like or drive interest around your specials and promotions. All products have social share links and can be a great way to encourage customers to start talking about your brand and products. Additionally, when you use the embedded ecommerce tools, you can create tweetable and shareable links that add products to cart making any social network a possible sales channel.

Tweet Products

Tweet Products

Tweet your new products or special announcements via shareable links on all your products. Or, set up unique links that take any product and add them to the cart so a visitor doesn't just land on the product page, they land on a cart page with the product already in their cart. It's easy and makes Twitter a unique sales channel.

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Product Videos

Product Videos

Your products can include videos along with multiple images and text descriptions. These videos can drive discussion and create deeper connection to your products.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Be ready to talk when your customer is motivated and engaged. Field questions about products or your business and see curious shoppers become happy buyers through the low friction contact of live chat within your online store. AmeriCommerce supports many third-party chat services.

Turn Pages into Discussions

Blog to Create Discussions

Using the AmeriCommerce blog system and content pages, you can easily create content that is sharable and worthy of comments and discussion. AmeriCommerce includes a complete blog system in which you can create unlimited blogs, blog posts, and profiles..

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