Native Features

Subscription Products

Subscription products and the ability to enable recurring billing are included in every AmeriCommerce account without a single third-party app needed.

Manage complex subscription requirements natively

Recurring products are a great way to provide growth to your company. Since recurring products are orders that automatically renew after a specified time, you can reliably measure the impact it has on your revenue. It also saves time for the customer, which leads to a happy customer.

Types of Subscription Products

Subscription Boxes
Wholesale Orders
Content/Blog Access
E-books/PDF Downloads
Grocery or Food Orders

Mp3/Audio/Digital Files
Software Licenses
Health Supplements
Any product in your store!

Subscription Box
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This is how it's supposed to be. A native feature with no third-party apps we have to pay extra for.

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Variable Subscription Types

Variable subscriptions give you and your customers more power over subscriptions. It allows the admin to set variables for the time a subscription needs before it renews. This gives customers the ability to customize their own settings.

Send Automatic Rule-Based Emails

Create dynamic emails based on customer activities such as order completion, order update, order cancellation, abandon cart, time intervals, purchase of certain types of products, specific purchase levels, ad code usage, customer type, shipping method and so much more.

Manage Automatically, Manually, or Both

Subscriptions can be created automatically by the system or manually through the admin of your AmeriCommerce online store. Each has its own set of abilities as well as limitations. This will help you determine which setup is right for you.

Allow Customers to Create, Edit, and Cancel

You can allow customers to log in to your store and manage their subscriptions and account settings themselves. Now, each one of your customers can have access to a My Account page completely dedicated to their profile where they can add to, cancel, enable, or disable a subscription.

Subscription Settings UI

Customizable Billing Frequencies

Create weekly, monthly, quarterly and other billing schedules for your customers. Set billing and shipping frequencies that you specifically want for your products or services.

Prepaid Billing & Discounted Annuals

Offer customers the ability to purchase annual, quarterly, or monthly subscriptions at a discounted price of a standard subscription giving your customers the power and flexibility they deserve.

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