Elevate Your Business with Branded Gear

Ready to redefine and promote your brand in the workplace? Imagine your team promoting the business inside and outside of the office with apparel created exclusively for them. Elevate your company culture and foster a sense of unity with a dedicated store for your staff.

Powerful Ecommerce Features
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Our Features

We have a vast array of features to help build the perfect swag store. Our platform offers customization of apparel, automated employee allowances, and multiple storefronts for all of your business ventures. And, with AmeriCommerce, its all controlled in one place.

Do you run more than one business? No worries, we’ve got you covered. AmeriCommerce takes the pain out of managing multiple storefronts, by combining it all in one place. Share products, orders, payments and warehouses across all your stores, to take the hassle out of managing multiple e-commerce marketplaces.
AmeriCommerce has options to personalize gear right on the front end of the site. We offer logo uploads, custom text and unlimited variations. Keep it simple by allowing employees to select a pre-defined logo or, go crazy and let them upload their own. Want to let employees add their name to their gear? We do that too. The only limit is your imagination.
There is no need to worry about any personal information getting into the wrong hands. AmeriCommerce has got your back with top-notch encryption protocols. We are committed to ensuring all data remains confidential and secure throughout the transaction process, so you can worry less about hackers, and focus more on running a successful business.
Want employees to have the latest and greatest swag while keeping their bank accounts full? A monthly stipend is your solution. AmeriCommerce can automate credits to be delivered to employees for any duration, so they can rep your gear without touching their wallets. Points can be given at any time for any reason so go ahead and give that amazing employee some extra credits, they earned it!
Many companies can have hundreds or thousands of employees, so giving everyone access to the admin of a website is just not going to work. What if a manager can see what an employee is ordering from the website without logging into the backend, or manage an employees information from their own account? Well they can. AmeriCommerce provides the ability to have managers oversee their employee's purchases and edit employee data, without giving them access to sensitive information held within of the admin of the site.
Effective data reporting is the cornerstone of success for any e-commerce website. In the dynamic world of online business, understanding user behavior, sales, trends, and website performance is paramount. AmeriCommerce provides powerful data reporting tools to deliver invaluable insights into customer preferences, conversion rates and site traffic. Let us empower you to make informed decisions, optimize user experience and drive growth.
Managing product data can be a pain when there are thousands of products on a website. AmeriCommerce has the solution. We provide mass product imports and customized exports to make data management a breeze. The best part? There is so much more than product data available. Our robust import/export features allow mass updates on anything from products to customers and everything in between. Need help getting started? Let our Data Migration team give you a hand. We really do have it all covered.

“Running multiple storefronts on AmeriCommerce has revolutionized our operations. We have customer facing websites and internal websites for franchisees to open new stores or restock their inventory. We can list products on both stores without duplicating the products and we can set prices on those products based on customer type. With customizable pricing and centralized order management AmeriCommerce streamlines our workflow. It’s a time and cost-saving solution we can’t do without.”.

Theresa Gulbranson


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Our Awesome Perks

Haven’t heard enough yet? AmeriCommerce doesn't stop there! Our platform is chock-full of features designed with B2B and wholesale customers in mind.

Require Login

Hide your site from the public by setting up restricted access. This flexible feature can be done by page, by product or by locking down the entire site.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow your employees the ease of single sign-on to get them shopping quickly and easily. The faster they can register, the faster they can shop!

Employee Reward Points

Add points to your employees manually or with a budget. Our points system is flexable to allow you more options in gifting your employees for any reason you can think up.

Customer Specific Pricing

Show different prices to different customers with advanced pricing options set by customer type. You can utilize our pricing calculator to take care of the heavy lifting or set prices manually.

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