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Unified Analytics

Harmonize data to identify opportunities to improve your ecommerce operations

Next Level Data Analysis

With Unified Analytics you get more than just reporting of your stores most important KPIs, but you also have machine learning and recommendations at your fingertips. With the proprietary Cart Pixel deployed on your store, your data will be as clear as ever right inside your store's admin.

Delivers real-time insights, customizable reports, and best-in-class multi-touch attribution

Transform your store into a persuasive sales tool that up-sells and suggests products to your shoppers - easily. Give customers suggestions for their next item, similar item, popular items and more. In fact, you'll be able to include suggestions that include quantity boxes and add to cart buttons or buy now links and even show product options and variants to easily add to cart or go straight to checkout.

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Popular Connectors

Integrate seamlessly with 20+ ecommerce tools to bring you customizable omnichannel reporting

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Campaign Recommendations List

Monitor ROAS to optimize your strategies

Recommendation engines identify where to focus for continuous improvement. Embrace these suggestions to avoid both overspending and underspending.

Anticipate the point of diminishing returns

Detects anomalies and predicts the points of diminishing returns, suggesting the optimal point of spending where you're getting the maximum return on your investment.

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Simple, Automated, Actionable

Provides true self-service experiences for non-technical professionals

Accelerates data integration speeds for near real-time visibility

Recommendation engines require no analytical experience to improve business performance


Lift in Paid Social ROAS


Hours Saved Per Week


Harmonized Integrations

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