Native Features

Shipping Capabilities

Custom shipping methods, rule engines, integrations, live rates and more. If you have complex needs for your shipping - AmeriCommerce delivers.

Print labels and save $

Not only can save huge on shipping with Cart Shipping Labels, but you can pull live up-to-the-minute shipping rates from the major shipping providers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more.

Shipping company logos
United States with shipping lines
Shipping App Logos and Shipping Boxes

Custom Shipping Methods

Create an unlimited amount of unique shipping rules and triggers based on weight, total cost, number of items, unique items, geographic regions, and more. This tool can be used in countless ways such as supporting a promotion that gives free shipping at a specific order amount, or by charging a flat shipping fee based on orders at or below certain weights.

Native Integrations

Synchronize your store with popular order management and shipping solutions such as ShipperHQ, Shipstation, ShipWorks, Stone Edge and more. Built and supported by the team at AmeriCommerce, these integrations allow deeper settings and controls you'd see in third party apps.

Printed Labels, Tracking Numbers and Notifications

Use AmeriCommerce and its partners to easily manage shipments and packages, send email notifications, print labels, track shipments, notify fulfillment companies and even handle drop shipping. Our platform allows CSV Import/Exports, API integration, or even manual entries for managing your shipments and orders.

Partial Orders & Split Shipping

Split orders into distinct orders or ship a single order in multiple shipments, keeping track of all shipping data like tracking information and remaining items to be shipped for each shipment.

Man holding boxes with shipping options displayed

Shipping Taxation and Markups

Optionally charge taxes on shipping based on state, zip code, or country. Add markup to certain methods to make sure your costs are covered.

Free Shipping Discounts

As part of the powerful Discount Methods, you can specify free shipping based on certain rules such as order total, destination, shipping method, and more.

Handling Charges

Add handling charges to your shipping rates based on a flat amount, number of items, or percentage of shipping costs.

Restrict Shipping to Specified Locations

Weed out fraudulent orders based on their shipping destinations.

Map of Fulfillment Centers in United States

Looking for a 3PL that can handle large volume? Introducing Cart Fulfillment

Our strategic, nationwide, multi-nodal network of 14 fulfillment and distribution centers (over 6M square feet of space) provides the speed, flexibility and physical and digital security multichannel companies need to ship product efficiently and simplify their logistics operations. Our network has a range of configurations and automation options that enable us to deliver optimal results for clients regardless of industry.