Learn Your Lessons From E Commerce Leaders Ebay and Amazon

By Team AmeriCommerce - Updated On 2/5/2020

So you want to become an e-commerce giant like Amazon and Ebay? Let's be honest, who doesn’t! Take a look at this blog post to find out 6 things we can learn from the top dogs....

1. Personalized Products

One of the stand out features on Amazon is how dedicated they are to providing each visitor with a personalized experience. If you have an account, you can log in and Amazon will recommend items for you, depending on your previous searches and purchases. This really helps to promote more products, sell more stuff, and it's great for customer service!

In addition to showing you what you have previously searched for, Ebay gives you the ability to 'follow' certain categories. Although you have to put a little bit of the work in yourself, the outcome is pretty much the same as Amazon. Some may even suggest that it's all the more personalized because you have opted in to view those products.

  • Personalize the customer journey
  • Offer recommended items
  • Let the customer choose what they want to see

2. Feedback is King

Amazon and Ebay have both mastered this feature and it's a great way to show how reputable you are as a business. When it comes to feedback on Amazon, the site invites customers to give the product a review. There's an option to rate the product from 1 to 5 stars, and leave your feedback. This really helps future customers decide wether the product is right for them.

Leaving feedback on Ebay is a pretty big deal, as both sellers and buyers are judged on the feedback they receive. Customers are given the chance to give positive, neutral or negative feedback on the products they have bought. Just some of the criteria that you are rated on includes 'item as described', 'despatch time' and 'communication'. Ebay even features the percentage of positive feedback each seller has next to their username, so others can see how reputable they are.

  • Provide a way that your customers can give feedback
  • Divide it into categories and learn from your findings
  • Feature reviews under products to increase conversions

3. Clear Communication

To become successful with your online store, you need to have a clear grasp of communication. You'll notice that if you shop with either of these e-commerce giants, they will keep you up to date with confirmation emails, but what else do they offer? Well for a start, Amazon offers the chance for you to track your package. They will give you real-time updates including the time that your parcel will be shipped and if the delivery was successful.

In your Ebay account you'll find your own email system, so that you can directly message sellers and buyers if you need to. They also provide you with a dedicated customer support team who are on hand to contact if you ever need help with buying, selling, and your account.

  • Offer a dedicated customer support team
  • Let your customers track their package
  • Send out confirmation emails straight away

4. Geo Targeting is a Must

This is a really useful tool that Ebay have adopted. Geo Targeting is basically a method that helps you determine the location of your visitors by reading their IP address. This is a great idea if you send your stuff to a variety of different countries as it will let the customer know whether the item is available to ship to their location. It can also help with conversions as you can customise your site by language, currency and local offers, depending on the location of your visitors.

There are plenty of tools available on the web to help you integrate geo targeting on your website so make sure you shop around for the best one!

  • Convert more customers with Geo Targeting
  • Change the currency and shipping info depending on location
  • Target customers with local offers

5. Be Socially Savvy

Marketing your business on social media is so important to the success of your brand, and even e-commerce giants like Ebay and Amazon still have to make sure they are being savvy on social. Go and take a look at their social platforms and you'll find a stream of interesting content, posted daily. Ebay and Amazon are quite similar with their social sites, using it to promote a good mix of offers and deals. They adopt a personalized tone, posting seasonal products, and always add an attractive image with each post – to really grab the readers attention!

  • Make the most of social media
  • Post daily offers and deals
  • Keep it friendly and add attractive images

6. Persistence is Key

Ebay and Amazon did not start at the top, and as corny as it may sound, you should never give up on your goal to become an e-commerce giant. Ebay started in the living room of founder, Pierre Omidyar, when he sold a broken laser pointer as a way to test his site. Since its launch in 1995, Ebay has come a long way and today Pierre is worth $8.3 billion. Founded in 1994, Amazon began as a way to sell books and it wasn’t until 2001 that Amazon finally became profitable. Today, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is worth $31.5 billion – so it just goes to show that you shouldn’t give up at the first hurdle!

  • Don't give up on your goal
  • Test different ways and find out what works for you
  • Let us help with your online store!

If you need help with becoming an e-commerce giant then go and take a look at what we can do to help you. We've got some incredible features to take advantage of, and packages to suit every budget, so give us a call sometime – we'd love to hear from you!

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