Feature Spotlight: Marketing Tools

From SEO, Email Campaigns, Abandoned Cart Notifications, and Discounts - we have the tools you need to reach customers and keep them coming back.

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Built-In SEO Tools

Get as specific and granular with your Ecommerce SEO efforts as you can imagine. Automatically generate permalinks (permanent / static url's to your content), page titles, H1, meta descriptions, schema markup, alt tags and override anything at the page, product, and category level.

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Customer Rewards and Points

Foster customer loyalty and generate repeat customers using a built in Rewards program for orders placed on your store. Allow customers the ability to purchase products with points they earn from sharing your content, products, or even posting comments on your blog.

Built-In Email Marketing

Use time intervals and specific actions to start a series of emails to inform, educate, promote and sell your customers. Use drip series for digital products and software, ebook promotions, event announcements, surveys, rewards, and much more.

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Blogging Made Easy

With blogs you can create sharable conversation pieces people can learn from, comment on and even be lead to purchase from. The AmeriCommerce blog tools help you sell your products from your blog, post unlimited articles and create your own categories and post schedules.

Abandoned Cart Sales Opportunities

Use the session history and customer information to your advantage as a marketing tool. When a customer logs in on your site and adds items to their cart, but does not complete the purchase, your abandon cart rules can fire off emails to encourage coming back and completing their purchase.

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With AmeriCommerce we can easily track our ROI (Return on Investment), without additional software or coding.

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Very Smart Discount Offers

Use the robust discount rules engine to create smart discount rules. For example, establish purchase based rules that email discounts based on purchase level, or many more options and possibilities!

Your Favorite Apps & Add-Ons

If you want to use your pre-existing software such as email marketing, shopping feeds, affiliate program, or even live chat - we offer the industry's most popular apps to integrate with your online store.