February Newsletter: Multistore Security and Mobile Features

By Ed Sturrock - Updated On 4/21/2020

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The Originators of the Multistore Scene

In 2005, AmeriCommerce pioneered Multistore technology, and we have been pushing the technology forward ever since. We know being first isn't enough to stay ahead, and we've got some major upgrades to help your business stay in front of the competition this year.

After listening to feedback from our storefront owners, we have completely updated and are proud to announce our new suite of Multistore Security Features! Business owners now have the ability to create user accounts which are specific to certain storefronts. You can now assign certain employees to one or more stores and control their level of access.  Combine this feature with the flexibility of our role-based read/update/delete access control for a secure and successful experience tailored to your business agenda!

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Go Mobile with AmeriCommerce!

Is your AmeriCommerce store optimized for mobile viewing? Your AmeriCommerce store comes with a free, easy to activate mobile theme. Simply add the mobile theme to your active themes, activate it under "Store Settings", and you're ready to take your store to 2012!

No additional domain names are required. No additional setup is needed. Look sharp on iPhone, Android, WinMo, and Blackberry phones! Activate your mobile theme today!

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Maximize Your Conversions

Are you getting the most value from your web traffic? Whether you’re a store owner, a reseller, or a web designer, you owe it to your businesses and your clients to make the most out of every golden opportunity when a customer visits your site. Conversion Conference is a two-day, info-packed, international event. Founded by Tim Ash, best-selling author of “Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing & Tuning for Conversions”, you’ll leave with a 360 degree view of conversion optimization discipline and the tools needed to take your business to the next level. Follow the link in this email to save $100 and register now!

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