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The Price is Right!

Come on Down!

AmeriCommerce is proud to announce our newest feature for our 2012.2 release - Price Quoting! AmeriCommerce store owners are now able to create and send quotes to their customers directly from their admin console. Do you want to offer a price break to a customer on a specific purchase? Would you like to be able to send a customizable email template with a "Buy Now" link that sends your customer directly to your AmeriCommerce shopping cart? Would you like that link to automatically log your customer in so their buying process is as easy as possible? Would you like to send the customer straight to the checkout page, or would you rather send them to their shopping cart for order editing? Our quoting feature is fully-fleshed out, and we've got you covered. We've created new Quote Statuses (Open, Accepted, Declined), new Quote Fields, new Merges, and we've given you more tools to make your prices right for your customers! Channel your inner Bob Barker and log in today!

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Selling one item one time is pretty great. Selling that same item once a month (or at any interval) is even better! We've completely revamped our Subscriptions feature, and AmeriCommerce store owners can now sell subscriptions directly from their website! Do the vitamins you're selling come in 30 count packages? Are there 30 days in a month? Is that a coincidence? We don't think so!   

Ludicrous Speed!

Today's market is a race to the finish line, and AmeriCommerce wants you to win the gold this year. We have invested in F5 Load Balancers, Gzip Compression Units, a slew of new servers, and version 2012.2 of AmeriCommerce features speed optimizations across the board. Page size has been reduced by 50-60%, and server page render times have been decreased by 50-60%!

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