AmeriCommerce Ecommerce Software Version 2012.1 Focuses on Web Design and Store Administration Usability

By Ed Sturrock - Updated On 2/6/2020

imageAmeriCommerce announces a major upgrade to version 2012.1 with a completely new web design theme system and usability enhancements for the administration console.

When shopping online, looks matter.  The first impression created by a store’s layout and organization can mean the difference between online success and failure.  Online stores have only seconds to instill trust and confidence with potential customers.  AmeriCommerce’s Shopping Cart Software version 2012 focuses on complete control over online store layout and design, giving everyone from non-technical users to award-winning web designers the tools and access they need to launch successful online stores.

With Version 2012.1, AmeriCommerce provides an entirely new theme engine that both simplifies designing an ecommerce store and yet provides entirely new levels of flexibility and power for seasoned online stores.  The new theme engine renders current HTML5/CSS3 search engine optimized layouts geared for success and cross browser support.

This release includes a completely refreshed Live Design™ system allowing for drag and drop placement of ecommerce widgets and real-time editing of the online store’s look and feel.  Simply point and click to change colors and fonts using the new style designer which shows how your changes will look before saving them.  Even resize entire page areas by simply dragging their borders.  This feature breathes new life into managing an online storefront by removing the need to constantly be locked into an admin console.  Instead just browse the front end website making changes as you go.

AmeriCommerce Version 2012.1 also adds the ability to create alternate layouts of each page in your online store.  Alternate layouts can be used to test new page looks or provide page variations to different segments of visitors.

Web designers craving real design flexibility will love the new Theme Manager which gives direct, file-level access to every page in the storefront.  Using the web administration console they can modify HTML markup, CSS and widget settings, or use their favorite HTML editor and upload the changes via FTP.  
Themes and widget layouts can be imported and exported and can be traded freely in the MyAmeriCommerce community or sold by Web Designers, building upon the invaluable design eco-system around AmeriCommerce.

“When seconds count, online stores are required to make a big impact through a unique, attractive site design and cohesive layout,” says Stefan Barlow, Vice President and Co-Founder of AmeriCommerce.  “Simple yet uncompromising web design has been a focus of AmeriCommerce since its inception.  This redesign takes all of the ecommerce features and power available in previous versions and adds a new layer of usability for both non-technical store owners and seasoned web designers.”

Version 2012’s improvements don’t stop with design.  The administrative console, known for its ability to manage Multiple Storefronts™ in one location, has undergone many usability changes after much feedback from storefront owners.
Other enhancements include product-specific automated subscriptions, serial number delivery for down-loadable goods, remote carting and external website enhancements, new API methods and much more.

New 3rd party tracking integrations have also been introduced in AmeriCommerce 2012, such as WebTrends Ad Director Beacon, Share-a-Sale affiliate tracking, Nexttag ROI Tracking, LinkShare Pixel Tracking, and Channel Intelligence Tracking.

About AmeriCommerce
AmeriCommerce is an award winning full service e-commerce software provider.  Since 2000, the AmeriCommerce shopping cart software is built on the concept of marketing performance, ease of use, and feature rich customization.  AmeriCommerce provides their customers with everything they need to design and operate multiple online store websites, Facebook stores and mobile stores.  For more information, visit the

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February 17, 2012 12:36 PM

I've been using the old theme system for about 5 years and am a big fan of it. Now that I have started experimenting with the new theme system, I can see many significant advantages to developing all new themes using the new system.

Granted, I have a developer on hand which makes it much easier for implementing things on the old system, but this new system will undoubtedly be much easier for people with less development resources.

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