AmeriCommerce Chooses Internap as Primary Datacenter for Its Shopping Cart Hosting Services

Beaumont, TX September 12th, 2006 -- AmeriCommerce has chosen Internap’s Houston facility as its primary datacenter for its shopping cart software hosting services, positioning the company for future growth and the highest service quality possible.  Internap’s patented technology, which finds the fastest route from the servers to the web site visitors for every page view, has given AmeriCommerce online stores an increased boost in performance and availability.

As the need for expansion continues and service level requirements continue to increase, AmeriCommerce has made a big switch from the Data Foundry data center in Houston’s Galleria area to the Internap data center in downtown Houston.  AmeriCommerce plans to use Data Foundry’s Austin data center for a disaster recovery presence, providing automatic off-site backups of all databases and online store content.

“We looked at several data centers in our area and considered all of the potential risks involved in making this decision.  Internap was clearly the winner when it came to quality bandwidth, service, reliability and expansion potential,” said Stefan Barlow, IT Director of AmeriCommerce. “Since the transition to the new facilities in early September, we have noticed a significant increase in speed across the board for our online store customers.”

About AmeriCommerce
AmeriCommerce is a full service e-commerce solution provider.  In production since 2000, the AmeriCommerce shopping cart software is built on the concept of marketing performance, ease of use, and customization.  AmeriCommerce provides their customers with everything they need to design and operate a successful online storefront. AmeriCommerce also assists the development of accounting systems, call centers, marketing, and distribution, which is the infrastructure supporting the e-commerce business. 
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About Internap
Internap is a market leader of intelligent route control solutions that bring reliability, performance and security to the Internet. The company's patented and patent-pending technologies address the inherent weaknesses of the Internet, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of deploying business-critical applications such as e-commerce, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), video-conferencing and streaming audio/video across the Internet. Through a portfolio of high-performance IP and WAN optimization solutions, customers can bypass congestion points, overcome routing inefficiencies and optimize performance of their applications. Internap solutions are backed by an industry-leading performance guarantee that covers the Internet as opposed to just one network.

Internap currently serves more than 2,100 customers, including Fortune 1000 and mid-tier enterprises in the financial services, government, travel/hospitality, manufacturing, media/entertainment, technology and retail industries. The company provides services throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
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