AmeriCommerce Announces v5.0 of Their Shopping Cart Software

By Ed Sturrock - Updated On 2/6/2020


AmeriCommerce announces Version 5.0 of their shopping cart software with over a hundred new features including an XML based Web Services API, Custom fields, MAP pricing, support for VAT/GST Taxing, partial order shipments, Live Design™ online Storefront Builder, Google™ Analytics and conversion tracking, Google checkout and Paypal Express, variant images and swatches and an IP Firewall.


Beaumont, TX November 12, 2008 -- AmeriCommerce announces Version 5.0 of their shopping cart software with over a hundred new features including an XML based Web Services API giving online store owners advanced tools to compete in the growing online marketplace. As the industry leader in Multiple Storefront™ technology, the 5.0 release increases the depth of existing features and introduces new functionality to further help store owners design, manage, market and analyze their online businesses effectively and efficiently.


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The newly released Version 5.0 introduces an XML based Web Services API (Application Programming Interface) software developer's kit which allows developers access to the complete shopping cart platform so they can integrate existing business systems and synchronize business data for store owners. Developers are able to integrate the shopping cart with existing inventory, order management, accounting, customer management packages and other business software.

"The wealth of options in our web services API gives the power of choice back to the store owners who need to make real world changes to the software driving their business." says Ed Sturrock, Product Manager of AmeriCommerce. "As businesses grow, the need to integrate business software and systems is very important for operational efficiencies, growth and maintainability."

AmeriCommerce's focus in this release has been to empower business owners with customization tools and scalability as well as leading-edge features. An important feature is the advanced navigation design, often discussed as a primary driver of success for 'Top 100 Online Retailers'. The navigation and search tool is the map to the store and helps visitors find what they are looking for easily, leading to higher conversion rates. Version 5.0 features dynamic tree and drop down navigation, Dictionary, Thesaurus and Directed Searching, giving store owners complete control in customizing and adding exceptional navigation features to their storefronts with ease.

In-depth catalog management features have been added to reduce the time costs and challenges of managing large product catalogs and multiple storefronts. AmeriCommerce 5.0 features mass product editors, advanced import/export tools, API for mass inventory updates and synchronization and the Live Design™ Online Store Builder for quick updates to the storefront. Version 5.0 also features accelerated image management with auto association of images for easy association of product, category, manufacturer and variant images without needing to provide paths to each image. All of these features make managing large product catalogs efficient and easy.

Another new customization tool includes the powerful new feature Custom Fields. Every industry has unique requirements for collecting product or ordering information and Custom Fields allow store owners to customize their checkout process and collect information that is relevant to their business without the need for custom programming.

Additional key features in Version 5.0 include advanced pricing options with MAP pricing and support for including VAT/GST taxes in product price, partial order shipping, Live Design™ online Storefront Builder, Google™ Analytics and conversion tracking, Google checkout and Paypal Express, variant images and swatches, and IP Firewall. This release also features direct integration with Avalara AvaTax tax calculation services and Zoomify large image solutions.

About AmeriCommerce:
AmeriCommerce is a full service e-commerce solution provider. In production since 2000, the AmeriCommerce shopping cart software is built on the concept of marketing performance, ease of use, and customization. AmeriCommerce pioneered the Multiple Storefront Technology™ and provides their customers with everything they need to design and operate successful online storefronts. For more information, visit the AmeriCommerce web site.

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November 17, 2008 10:50 PM

Alright, another BIG upgrade! Keep up the good work!

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