Summer 2020 Release Update


Howdy AmeriCommerce fans!

Welcome to our socially distant, disinfected, virus-free Feature Release Update. We have several pixels in between each new feature with proper padding and margins for safe reading. Since our last update I’m sure you may have already noticed shifts to the landscape of the e-commerce industry due to COVID-19. Earth is on the edge of its seat during what seems to be a pandemic roller coaster that has affected everyone big and small. One thing for certain is that if you are thinking of selling online – the time is now.

While you’re starting up new online businesses and refining your operations, we’ve been building out some great new tools for both customers and prospects alike. If you have not visited our Release History page – go give it a follow! This way you can stay up to date with the others that see if that feature you’ve always wanted just happens to get made. Plus, don’t forget about requesting those features at our Feature Request section. There’s some great things being added based on the feedback from our users. 

Now… let’s get to it.

New Apps & Integrations

QuickBooks Online Integration (Native)

No longer rely on third party companies to get your orders syncing to QuickBooks Online. Now you can sync Orders, Inventory, Customers, TaxItems, Non-Mapped Items, Handling Costs, and more. Review it at the Intuit App store

Learn more.

PayPal Commerce Checkout (Smart Buttons)

AmeriCommerce has upgraded PayPal Express and PayPal Payments Pro to the newest version of PayPal Commerce Platform, the same API being used for PayPal Checkout (formerly Express) which brings a magnitude of added value to AmeriCommerce customers on both the front end and for card payments.

Learn more.

SkuVault (Inventory Management)

SkuVault’s inventory and warehouse management software features are built for eCommerce sellers. Streamline your pick, pack, ship process across marketplaces and make better purchase decisions with the new integration between SkuVault and AmeriCommerce. 

Learn more.

Zapier (App Connector)

It's finally here! Zapier is an online automation tool that can connect to your AmeriCommerce store. You can connect two or more apps within Zapier to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. 

Contact us to be a beta tester.

Google (Single Sign On)

Now you can allow your customer to be able to sign in to their account using their Google profile. 

Learn more.

New Features


  • What's New? - AmeriCommerce will now showcase features updates, new partners, company announcements, helpful tips and more within the AmeriCommerce admin from your notification bell
  • Dashboard Protection - Added user permission groups to moderate users ability to create, read, update, and delete admin dashboard widgets



  • New "admin-only" shipping method
  • New custom shipping method that will allow you to add your own API endpoint to pull custom shipping rates from third parties
  • Added support for each individual item specification in cart to custom shipping methods
  • New rules allowing for custom shipping method based on payment method chosen at checkout. For example, purchase order payment = custom shipping method.
  • Print packing lists now available for each warehouse



  • Added order quantity grid column to product list
  • New ability to overwrite "Sort Order" of a product by store level. Set store orders in product editor or in exports and imports
  • Variant groups can now offer CheckBoxLists with minimum and maximum selection requirements. For example "must select 2 variant options" or "no more than 5 variant options can be selected" and so on


  • Reward tiers for customer reward points (SUPER powerful)
  • Limit order history - you can now limit the amount of months in which you'd like your customers to view order history in their customer account
  • We now reset invalid login attempts when setting new password


  • Import and export tax rules & tax regions
  • New email notifications for Scheduled Export/Import Failures

Merge Codes

  • Added a merge code for ##QUOTEEXPIRATION## that will work in emails
  • Merge codes ##ORDERDATE## & ##QUOTEEXPIRATIONDATE## are now available with the ability to use date modifiers
  • Merge codes that now work on checkout pages: ##ITEMDESC##, ##PERSONALIZATIONS##, ##ITEMNOTE## and ##VARIANTS##
  • Raw Price merge codes created for non decorated pricing without commas or currency symbols: ##PRICERAW##, ##BASEPRICERAW##, ##RETAILRAW##, ##COSTRAW##
  • ##EDIT DATE## added as merge code for showing "date updated" for blog posts
  • SessionCustomerTypeID and SessionCustomerType merge modifiers are now both officially supported globally
  • Search feature was added to the Custom Merge page in the AmeriCommerce admin


  • Browse By Attribute Widget now allows you to select attributes to display by attribute Group ID
  • NEW contact information widget
  • NEW parallax widget
  • NEW photo gallery widget
  • Added Category ID filter to recently added items product display widget
  • Added product display widget option for attribute ids
  • Form builder widget improvements



API Improvements

  • Added product_pricing endpoint to Github documentation
  • We now allow spaces in store names when creating multi-stores via API
  • Validation now exists for overlapping date ranges for advanced pricing via API
  • New "custom" API route created for more flexibility needed for Enterprise customers of AmeriCommerce expanding into bulk store management
  • New API endpoint to GET and POST/PUT Store Info such as
    > store_email
    > store_address_line_1
    > store_address_line_2
    > store_city
    > store_country
    > store_state
    > store_postal_code
    > store_phone
    > store_fax
  • New API endpoint to GET and POST/PUT Store Settings such as
    > accept_coupons
    > accept_credit_cards
    > enable_gift_certificates
    > track_inventory
    > remove_from_inventory_when
    > allow_guest_checkout
    > alert_emails
    > default_customer_type
    > send_abandoned_cart_emails
    > abandoned_cart_email_template
    > order_confirmation_email_template
    > Order Confirmation
    > new_registration_email_template
    > mailing_list_signup_email_template
    > lost_password_email_template
  • API Endpoint for clearing store cache globally - /api/v1/store/invalidate

Front End & Theme Upgrades

  • Improved visibility of hex code color picker
  • Enhanced styling of setting tiles in Live Design
  • Settings overlay blank issue corrected
  • Improved live design save function
  • "Keep in place" when saving from HTML editor
  • Editing JS file now purges cache
  • When clicking on an item in auto suggest search it now automatically searches instead of requiring the extra click to "search"

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Shipstation and ShippingEasy now have internal checks in place to prevent some orders not being marked as "shipped"
  • Made theme installations via API a background process which is expected to increase install speeds and reduce timeouts during theme installation
  • We now delete custom URL history automatically when deleting an entity like category, product, etc
  • Admin login screen now formatted better on tablet sizes
  • Better loading animation for Live Design
  • Added popup help bubble to product status flags editor

New Stuff Coming

We're working on highly requested and highly needed things that will help everyone on AmeriCommerce from big to small! Here's just a few things you'll see on the road ahead:

New Foundation Theme - We know we've been promising this for a while, but it is happening for real! Foundation will be the new default theme for all new store signups, trials and will be the base structure in which new themes are built off of. You'll see several alternative page layouts, a modern responsive design, up to date languages and libraries, live design capabilities, a smoother checkout plus so much more. As usual this theme will be free to everyone :)

Multi Factor Authentication - When logging in to a user account through a new device or IP, we'll now default a setting to require two factor authentication by phone or by email.

Store Security Alerts - Alerts that will let the store email or specified store admin emails when passwords have changed, suspicious log ins happen, when users are created, when user info is changed and more.

Faster Feature Roll-outs - This will mean less downtime when we need to update a site to the newest version and faster bulk update processes when we roll up all sites for new feature releases. This means more features coming to your store much faster and more often.

AmeriCommerce Payments powered by PayPal - We will be moving AmeriCommerce Payments to PayPal's Commerce Platform which will offer lower tiered rates based on your AmeriCommerce plan level, better features, top-notch customer service and one centralized area to manage all PayPal Checkout and Credit Card transactions.

More Feature Requests - We're hunting down the best requests in our feature voting area so that we can to make sure what we're working on are true needs for our customers. If you have something you're wanting to see, go make a post or send an upvote to an existing one!

We also have several bigger items that we're grooming but we're not quite ready to announce just yet. So be sure to be on the lookout for our feature release emails, follow us on social and subscribe to our newsletter below if you haven't already. 

Stay safe out there!

-Team AmeriCommerce