7 Awesome Product Pages that Make us Want to Buy

By Team AmeriCommerce - Updated On 7/6/2020

As an online store owner , do you wish that you could improve your conversion rate?

Silly question, of course you do.

You may spend a lot of time perfecting your homepage, but how much time do you spend on your product pages?

If it's not a top priority then this could be the route of the problem.

Your product page is that last step right before the checkout, and if you don't include the right elements that triggers people to click on your CTA, then it can break the sale.

So this week we're going to take a look at 7 product pages that make us want to buy, and highlight the key reasons why.

Let's get started.

#1. Bellroy

There's nothing more frustrating than having a lumpy pocket from a wallet that's packed like sardines with your entire life.

And that's why Bellroy was founded. The creators set out to design a stylish product that was thinner than your normal wallet, yet still managed to fit in everything that you could possibly need.

It's a great idea, but it's their product page that really caught our eye.

Why does it make us buy?

  • A video that explains all

When you first visit a product page, you're greeted with a video that shows how useful the wallet can be. It gives you a peak inside and showcases all of the product benefits in an engaging animation.

  • Beautiful product images

On the product page customers can find 8 different images, that all look incredible. You can see close ups, size comparisons, nifty features and how much can actually fit inside the wallet.

But that's not all...

This particular wallet comes in 8 different colors and the customer can click on each color to see which one they prefer. This can really help push a customer to the sale, as they get to see exactly what the product will look like if they purchased it.

What can we learn?

The takeaway from Bellroy is that visual communication counts for a lot. Did you know that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read?

It's true, the better your products look, the more likely you are to see the sale.

Make sure that on your own site you're providing professional images and videos so that the visitor can see exactly what your product looks like.

Our top tips include:

  • Showcase various angles
  • If the product comes in different colors, show it in each
  • Highlight the benefits using images and a video
  • Stay true to your brand style

Resources to help further:

Spark Pay: Product photography cheatsheet

Econsultancy: 8 different ways of using product videos in Ecommerce

Quora: What are good cameras for product photography?

#2. Wrightwood

Furniture is often an expensive investment, especially if you're looking for a unique style.

That was the idea behind Wrightwood. This family-owned business designs and sources rustic products, without the high cost associated with unique furniture.

Why does it make us want to buy?

  • Prominent call-to-action

One of the most crucial aspects to a product page is that it includes a prominent call-to-action and the secret lies in visual hierarchy.

The idea behind visual hierarchy is that you design each element on your page in the order that you want the user to notice them.

So on a product page, naturally the number one thing that you'd want a visitor to notice would be your product image, so you'd make that stand out ahead of anything else on the page. But what's next?

Yep you guessed it, it's the call-to-action.

It should be designed to trigger a 'buy me' response after seeing the product itself, so that's why Wrightwood use a contrasting color, made sure it's bold, and prominently placed it on the page.

  • Sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a great little tactic that can help you convince more people to buy. In fact, according to this case study on Conversion XL , including stock information on your site can increase conversions by 332%!

You'll often find that customers come along to simply browse. They like the product sure, but they may decide to come back at a later date. But, if they know that there is a limited amount of stock available, they are far more likely to make the purchase there and then.

Wrightwood features the stock levels under every call-to-action button and colors it in red so that it stands out on the page.

What can we learn?

You want people to convert then you're going to have to make it abundantly clear what they need to do. Make your add to cart buttons scream 'click me', and include the stock information to get people twitching to buy.

Our top tips:

  • Design your CTA on a clear background
  • Make your CTA a different color to everything else on the page
  • Keep it bold, keep it simple
  • Integrate each page with your stock levels to create urgency

Resources to help further

Spark Pay: Supercharge your calls to action - ebook

Hubspot: 17 call-to-action examples you can't help but click

Crazy Egg: How to increase conversion rates by introducing urgency

#3. Odd Pears

Let's all take a second to think about socks.

They're a vital piece of apparel, but there isn't much you can really say about them, is there?

Well Odd Pears set out to change that. They've created a product that caters for all those kooky people out there that like to wear odd socks.

Why does it make us want to buy?

  • Engaging product description

Good product information is super important, but it's often hard to find. Write a compelling description and not only will you convince people to buy your product, but it will also improve your SEO by having unique content on your site.

And that's the very reason that we love the Odd Pears' product pages. They nailed it.

When it comes to selling your product, you need to be able to convince people to buy with engaging copy. Odd pears manage to achieve this by writing for their audience. It's fun, it's nostalgic and it's relatable to their intended audience.

  • Extra product info

In addition to writing an engaging product description, it's always worth providing extra information. Does your product come in different sizes? Colors? What ingredients or materials are used to create it? By including this type of information, it will provide extra clarity to your audience.

And as you can see from Odd Pears, they don't compromise on brand voice, even when explaining something as mundane as sock sizes.

What can we learn?

The takeaway here is that you can make anything enticing, you just need to tell a good story. We're not saying make your copy completely wacky to sell your products if that's not who you are as a business.

Stay true to your brand voice and use the same language that your audience uses.

Our top tips:

  • Create buyer personas so you can use their language
  • Tell an engaging story and make each product come alive
  • Don't copy and paste manufacturer descriptions
  • Bullet point additional info, features and benefits for an easier read

Copyblogger: 10 ways to write damn good copy

Kissmetrics: 7 simple steps to writing product descriptions that sell

Ometria: 8 Ecommerce brands with enviably good website copy

#4. Asos

Asos is an online “global fashion destination for 20 somethings”. They sell apparel worldwide and have been in business since 2000, so it's safe to say that they know a thing or two about creating a good product page.

Why does it make us want to buy?

  • The up-sell and cross-sell

A big plus for Asos is that they make a concerted effort to up-sell on every product page.

If a customer is interested in this dress for example, they suggest accessories that will go with it, to increase the order and give the customer different options.

  • The 'save for later' option

As much as we'd love every visitor to commit to buying there and then, it doesn't always work out that way.

Did you know that typically 2% of shoppers will convert on a first visit, but retargeting brings back the other 98%?

If you feature a wish list or save for later option, the visitor can come back to it at a later date, and using the power of retargeting ads, you can make darn sure that they do!

For example on the Asos site, if you save an item in your cart or leave before you make the purchase, Asos will target you across social platforms to entice you back to make the sale.

What can we learn?

Give your web visitors the option to browse similar products, or come back to you at a later date. The more options you provide, the more likely it is that you will increase your average order value.

Our top tips:

  • Provide a personalised experience to each web visitor to increase the chance of conversions.
  • Showcase products that are similar to what the customer is browsing.
  • Adopt a retargeting campaign to remind customers to come back to you.

Resources to help further

Crazy Egg: How to leverage remarketing and retargeting for higher conversions

HubSpot: 4 tips to master the art of upselling and cross-selling

#5. Gap

With a successful Ecommerce store and thousands of retail shops worldwide, Gap is one brand that doesn't need any introductions...

Why does it make us want to buy?

  • Effective trust signals

When a person is shopping online, they'll probably be thinking about some – if not all – of these questions...

  • How much does shipping cost?
  • How much would it cost to return?
  • How long do I have to wait before I receive it?

Typically cart abandonment rate for online retailers falls between 60% and 80%, and if these popular questions aren't answered before the checkout, then it's likely that you'll end up losing the sale.

As you can see from this product page, the customer can find it in store if they need it urgently, they're given a detailed run down of shipping and returns options, and even given the option to print out a shipping label for peace of mind.

What can we learn?

Being clear with your customers upfront can really help increase conversions. If people find out that you offer free shipping then that's something you should highlight.

Our top tips:

  • Include shipping and return info on the product page
  • Be clear – highlight benefits such as free shipping
  • Include shipping labels

Resources to help further

Econsultancy: 12 excellent ways to present ecommerce shipping information

#6. Texas Beard Company

Texas Beard Company was set up by a bunch of dudes with – yep you guessed it – beards. They wanted to create a set of products that would offer high quality beard care to those who need it!

Why does it make us want to buy?

  • Features reviews

A big trigger to influence more conversions is if you feature reviews on your site. According to an eMarketer study , customer reviews were trusted 12x more than manufacturer product descriptions.

If you scroll further down the product page on Texas Beard Company, you'll find detailed customer reviews listed underneath, to help the visitor make a more informed decision.

What can we learn?

Social proof is key. People trust people ahead of advertisements from brands, so if you showcase reviews on your page it can help influence buying behavior.

Our top tips:

  • Encourage previous customers to leave you a review
  • Email customers to see if they liked your product
  • Integrate with a review platform so customers can easily leave reviews

Resources to help further

Buffer: The science of social proof

Forbes: 6 simple ways to get customers to review your business online

#7. Firebox

Looking for unusual gadgets, secret santa presents or retro video games? Then you need to head over to Firebox.

This website is pretty unique in its product offering, but it also rules the roost when it comes to a good product page.

Why does it make us want to buy?

  • Popularity rating

If you take a look at the top of the page you'll notice how popular the product is. Every visiter can click on the heart to show that they like it, and so each product is rated, depending on how many votes it gets.

  • Social Selling

One of the biggest reasons that we like the Firebox product pages is that they include social buttons so that it can be shared across various platforms.

The person viewing that product may need a second opinion from their friends, or they may know someone else who might be interested in purchasing the product.

Using a simple tactic like this, can really help bring more exposure to your products.

What can we learn?

Adding social sharing can really help promote your products across the web. Confidence builders - such as the voting button on Firebox - are perfect in helping improve social proof and increase conversions.

Our top tips:

  • Include social share buttons next to your products
  • Encourage people to vote if they like it
  • Include a social tag to your social feeds and a link back to the product

Resources to help further

Marketing Land: Social sharing likes ecommerce

HubSpot: The ultimate cheat sheet for creating social media buttons

Woothemes: How to motivate customers to share your products

The big takeaway

So there you have it, our 7 top product pages that make us want to buy!

Understandably, a lot of effort and testing goes in to creating a product page that converts, but if we were to take one overall lesson from each of these brands, it's that you need to be clear with your audience.

Do you have any more awesome product pages that you'd like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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