About Us

Creative Nerds Drawn Together to bring product selling software to life

Just the facts, Don't-Have-Time-For-Reading, Impatient Types

We have half a billion dollars in transactions being processed annually on our platform - more per merchant than competing platforms by as much as 500%. Yep. Founded in 2005 with three people, now employing 30+ people between two offices in TX and CT. We proudly serve more than 5,000 customers on our self hosted ecommerce software and are 100% debt free, PCI Compliant, and listed in the Inc. 5000.

Aw yeah, that's right, the numbers don't lie we empower tangible success, not just a website, we're rooted, growing and making an impact! We think "start your store overnight and make millions" is a myth, there are no lazy shortcuts to big success. Our team is nerdy in good ways. Our customers are awesome and successful - we think that says something about us.

Ready to see where the magic came from?


  • 2010 - CODiE Award
  • 2011 - Most Extensive Storefront Tools
  • 2012 - Inc. 5000

The Beginning: A guy and 2 geeks

The year is 2005: Enter a serial marketer and two relentless (a.k.a. stubborn) entrepreneurial coders willing to work all hours of the day and night through the sweltering Texas heat. With napkin sketches, post-it's, and whiteboards stained with the remnants of past ideas, AmeriCommerce is born.

Ideas for ecommerce domination are translated into the poetry of code and the sound of cha-ching cha-ching in our customers online cash registers. The fruit of our labor - the now infamous Carty logo and an ecommerce solution that moved products with immense flexibility and the tools we'd want to use in our own stores.


  • Has experienced 3 Hurricanes
  • Sport flip flops to dress shoes
  • Nerf war other coworkers
  • Get nerdy, geeky, and all problem Solvey
  • Now at 30+ nerds Employees between Texas and Connecticut.


Company Timeline Hourglass

Growing Up... Sorta

Fueled by tiny victories, nerf wars, lots of caffeine and seeing big ecommerce problems solved, we continued to grow. With long hours and hard work, we took on more customers, servers, developers, support staff and designers. Twice we grew out of our offices and we even traded our dual 19 inch CRT monitors for some fancy triple flat screens.

Rackspace became our datacenter and we became PCI Compliant. Meanwhile, even while growing, we bootstrapped ourselves up and became completely debt free. Mountain Dew, Diet Coke and Coffee continue to have top billing in our kitchen while Hot Tea, Amp, Red Bull, and Monster drinks are happily added to the caffeine mix.

To this day, we use our own releases of AmeriCommerce software internally for our online store, sales, proposals, customer management, and marketing automation. On a weekly basis you'll find us geeking out over new features, new releases and the awesome tools being created under the hood that address crazy specific business cases. We really do love this stuff!


  • In Good Hands at Rackspace
  • Exceed Basic PCI-DSS Compliance Standards
  • Nightly Data Backups with fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment.


Our Approach

We are continually curbing the myth of "start your store overnight and make millions" and doing our absolute best to be the ideal solution for new merchants just getting started while also being the platform of choice for those that get serious and mature out of the more basic ecommerce platforms. A tall order, no doubt, but we know merchants expect a solution that can grow with them. For us it means providing gracefully sophisticated selling tools, more customization, more portability of products with the ability to sell on many stores or instead make any existing site ecommerce capable. It means 'choices, man, choices' and ensuring that internet retailers can sell everywhere, not just in their one site.

Whether you are a newbie or a battle tested and mature ecommerce company coming from a different ecommerce solution, we give you a full suite of abilities from your primary ecommerce website with multistore capabilities as well as the necessary tools for you to do commerce on any site or platform you already have.

Ed & Charlie Grillin' at the Old Office
Ryan gettin' his shave on for Movember.
Enjoying lunch thanks to a very happy customer
"Hey man, be sure to wear your Texas gear."
"YAY! Will Do!!"
Our Office Pet, Carty-pillar, in his "Office" Sanctuary.
Jason all lathered up for Movember


Our Passion

What do you do with a team full of talent, drive, optimism, and unquenchable curiosity? You hire more of them and build a company, of course. Talent is important, but it doesn't end there with AmeriCommerce. The X factor is spirit. Everyone from coding to accounting here has that extra spark that doesn't show up on a stat sheet; that spirit that can't help but create, explore, and solve. When you have passion like we do, you can't help but love to live it. And that's AmeriCommerce every day.

Team meeting at the office
Office Life collage

Our Team

Our culture is one of the strongest assets of AmeriCommerce and continues to be what separates us from the rest. If you're looking for like-minded nerds that argue Star Wars vs Lord of the Rings while coding new ecom features in between - you're going to feel right at home. Just beware of the occasional flying nerf dart!

Our Place

Cubicles are for chumps who like to drive slow in the fast lane and eat hot wings with a fork. That's not us. No cubicles here. And we're serious about our wings. We believe that a great work environment makes for a great attitude — and great work. AmeriCommerce is unlike any other workplace around. Open concept for open conversations, whiteboards galore for creative thinking, and a Nerf gun on every desk for obvious reasons. And ping pong. And Pac-Man. And guitars. And no khakis, no cubicles, no problem. It's our happy place.