Sell Anywhere with Ecommerce Embed Tools

By Justin McCullough - Updated On 2/6/2020

Would you like to sell products from Facebook? Or maybe send a product or checkout link straight through email where a single click can create a sell? Or maybe you have another website or blog and you want to show products on that site - or even create an entire ecommerce experience on a non-ecommerce site?

Now you can sell anywhere with a full suite of embed commerce tools.

Think of this like tentacles reaching across the web while remaining connected to your store.

Your t-shirt, product, ebook, or music download can be placed on Facebook, Tumblr, a Wordpress website or any other web page – all without having to worry about setting up another store.

If you’ve ever embedded a Youtube video, then you’ll already be familiar with the experience. It’s simple and does not require programming skills.

With embed tools, you leverage your secure store, product catalog, order fulfillment, discounts and all the tools of your ecommerce store, but push your sales opportunities as far out to meet your customers where they are.

With embed tools you can:

  • Create a link to add a product or a button for adding to the cart.
  • Create a form for quantity selection on the number of units to purchase with.
  • Create a custom JavaScript code for products and carts to be placed on web pages.
  • Create a cart display to track orders in your cart.
  • Display the contents of a cart.
  • Display the name of logged in customers.

You can tweet product links or add-to-cart links just as easily as you can email them or use them within newsletters that convert to cart orders.

You can extend any other website to include ecommerce features like a login, checkout page, cart page, products and add-to-cart buttons and more – just by using the code snippets from the AmeriCommerce embed tools.

Now your store is more than just one website, it’s portable enough to go to any websites you want to sell on.  Place your products where your customers are and don’t worry about having to redirect them back to your store.

Places you might want to use the embed codes:

  • Wordpress Blog
  • Joomla Site
  • Drupal Site
  • Blogger Site
  • Typepad Site
  • Facebook Page (posts)
  • Twitter Feed
  • Tumblr Post
  • YouTube link
  • Link within your email
  • Link within your newsletter
  • Link within your ebook
  • Link within your forum
  • Link in your email signature line
  • And anywhere else a link or code snippet can be placed.

With tools like these, you can build your network of sales opportunities across all sites you have a presence and customer base.  Never be limited to just your store – sell anywhere and everywhere!

Happy selling friends.

About the Author

Justin McCullough

Justin McCullough is the Chief Product Officer at FSG. Head of Smart Buildings Division and Formerly VP of AmeriCommerce. He loves a challenge, big dreams, and getting stuff done. He is married with two boys, loves content marketing, ecommerce, and helping businesses succeed. You can catch him on twitter as mccJustin ( or his own personal blog.

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