Need 10,000 Unique Trackable Coupon Codes?

Discounts are straight forward.  

Well a few discounts are.

But when you want to distribute a large number of unique coupon codes for tracking or mass promotional purposes, things can get harry.  Not anymore.

With the release of 2013.1 features for campaign coupon codes, you’ll be able to create any quantity of unique codes and apply it to a discount of your choosing.  This is a huge win for sophisticated marketers, unique reward and loyalty programs and big promotions like Black Friday sales events!

With a coupon campaign you can:

  • Use dollar off, percent off, free shipping, and other options for your discount offer
  • Specify the code pattern and the system will generate the unique codes automatically
  • Specify number of times the code can be used
  • Specify the date the code expires
  • Add notes for tracking purposes
  • Export codes and usage to a spreadsheet for review and analysis
  • Activate and deactivate codes and campaigns
  • Monitor usage of codes

Sounds good right?

Now you can take your promotions to the next level and generate more sales!
Go here to learn more about how to create a campaign code.

Keep selling friends!