Accept Payments, Split Payments, and Multiple Payment Options

Lower the barriers for customers to checkout and pay. That’s a sure-fire way to increase sales.

In AmeriCommerce 2013.1 and beyond, store owners now have several ways to take payments – or rather – you guys have several options available for your customers to make payments.

Before jumping into the new stuff, let me first remind you of what’s already available.

  • Accept payments via credit card
  • Accept payment via PayPal
  • Accept payment via gift certificate
  • Accept payment via eCheck
  • Accept payment via Google Checkout
  • Accept payment via custom payment type (such as Purchase Order)

Not too shabby. Everything (and maybe a bit more than) you expect really. But with the 2013.1 release, we have even more options for you.

New ways to accept payments:

  • Accept payment via Customer Reward Points
  • Accept payment via Checkout by Amazon
  • Accept payment via split payment (more on this below).

With these options, you give your customers a variety of payment options and ways to complete their order.  We think the split payment option is a must use for everyone.

About Split Payments

During the checkout and payment process, when you have split payments enabled on your stores, customers will be given the option to choose one or more payment types. When they select the payment type, they can determine how much of the purchase to be paid by that payment type. 

It’s a straight forward process and easy to understand.

So, customers could easily pay with a gift certificate, plus earned points to use as payment and a credit card for everything else!

More payment options should mean more sales!

Go here to learn more about Split Payments and how to set it up.

Happy selling friends!