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Integration Overview

Please note that your purchase doesn't automatically install the SSL on your site(s), but we're almost there! Once you submit the needed information on this page processing time takes from 5-7 business days. This information is needed from you in order to process the order and obtain the SSL from the Certificate Authority to install on your site.

An SSL certificate is issued with a defined lifetime and is only good for that time period. To get the maximum value out of your purchase please let us know when you plan for the SSL to be applied to your site (usually coincides with when you want to make your site "live" and begin taking orders online.) This way we aren't applying an SSL until it is actually needed. So while you are working on building your site and preparing it for the day in which you want the site to "go live" the site is still secure but using the AmeriCommerce shared SSL Certificate.

Pricing is calculated based on installing the certificate on one server and issued for an organization registered within the USA or Canada. If you need a Norton Powered by Verisign Certificate on more than one server or your organization is registered outside of the USA or Canada contact our sales team for a quote.

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