Who is Stefan?

Stefan BarlowThat's a great question.  I'm glad you asked!  Since you clicked on the link, you must be at least a LITTLE interested?

I the proud father of Oliva and Isaiah, and grateful husband of Tanisha.  I enjoy travel, adventure, and coercing technology to do my bidding.

During normal business hours (25 hours per day in the ecommerce world), I am a Co-Founder and the Systems Architect of AmeriCommerce.  A fancy title, which essentially means I oversee the development and server teams to bring you cool, profit lifting features in a reliable and secure environment to operate your online business.

My IT career began in 1981 at the ripe age of 5 years old, when my parents gave my older brother and me a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.  It was a hypnotizing device that forever altered my life. Many obsolete platforms and incredible amounts of money later (during the 80's some of these pieces of junk cost almost as much as a car), as a teenager I got hooked on the pre-web internet and creating and operating BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems)

In 1990, while other kids my age were doing whatever 14 year olds do, I was designing ANSI UI and customizing commercial software for an internationally known BBS systems, trying to turn a profit from subscription based members.  I began building HTML sites in 1994, moving into PHP, ASP, and then C# and ASP.NET.  Terrifically exciting, I know!

Joining with Charlie Cooper at Americom in 2001 as IT Director, we formed the foundation of what was soon to become AmeriCommerce.  The last 6 years we have seen amazing growth of the software, infrastructure, and talent behind AmeriCommerce.  I greatly look forward to watching this company continue to grow and to always provide innovative and powerful tools for online store owners.