Version 2009.35 Hits the Streets!


See the release notes here!  We’re excited to see this release get out to the masses so they can begin building a collection of great product reviews and using the other new features and integrations that will make managing your store even easier.  Integrations that include ways to print shipping labels, interact with new payment gateways and much more.

The new custom layout framework (2009.34) is holding up great and was used for many of the new features and conversions of older pages.  For those that want the control it offers for layout while still being tied to our core feature set, it is a great way to have both options that is just not available on other systems.

Our move to Rackspace is already showing benefits and over half of our customer base has already been moved over.  We have seen dramatic speed increases and all of the things we expected by extending our team’s reach.

From here were are going to do a few small and fast releases that target usability again, new themes and some great micro-features needed by many of our customers.  Carty fans stay tuned!