Team Development Process Improved


We have recently made a major shift in the development of our software by choosing a very sophisticated source control system for our product's code base.  A source control system manages team members and the files they work on, shows differences between them and integrates different versions of our product with other versions.  We will be using this incredible new cutting edge system to do some amazing things and primarily to speed up our already fast paced development.  Our customers will not notice much of a change other than faster response times to code changes, maintenance releases and hot fixes.

One of the main things we will be doing soon is implementing a "Beta Track" of our software, where customers can opt-in and receive the latest and greatest features that we offer.  Meanwhile, all other customers that need and require very stable, limited change versions of our product will stay on the "Released" versions of AmeriCommerce.  Beta Track customers will be updated with new features every 1-2 weeks, and "Released Version" customers will be updated with major versions only.  However, one of the most powerful things we now offer is the ability to hot fix both tracks of customers within minutes of the development code fix being completed.  This keeps our responsiveness to any issues that may arise as well as release small changes and small features, meanwhile we are coding hard core on larger features without affecting our production customers at all.

Another great thing about this new system is the hundreds of productivity improvements it offers, it ties into our .Net 2.0 initiative seamlessly and is the culmination of 1 year of setup and preparation, including the .Net 2.0 upgrade as the backbone it was built upon.

One last great benefit is the new system's ability to manage remote offices and teams of developers, architects and other support people.  This was a major requirement for AmeriCommerce as we have recently opened up branch offices that are geographically diverse, and this new system helps us all tie everything together.  This was an exciting move for us and we are poised for faster growth, quicker development and just great things in general.

The AmeriCommerce multiple storefront shopping cart e-commerce system will remain #1 and on the cutting edge of our industry at all costs, and this is just one more reason to prove it.