SPECIAL: Holidazzle Your Customers this Holiday Season


AmeriCommerce recognizes the challenges small businesses face when competing against large corporations and their seemingly unlimited resources during the holiday shopping season. Outside of pricing, consumers are often (consciously or unconsciously) looking for that one little thing that separates your site from the competition.SwitchChristmas.ai

Large retailers and web companies know the value of honoring the Holiday season with the look and feel of their website. From Google spelling their name in Christmas lights, or the Wal-Mart Yellow Dot donning a Santa hat, everyone looks for a competitive edge by creating a warm, inviting holiday web atmosphere during the busiest season in retail and online shopping.

For that reason, AmeriCommerce is providing some ideas to spruce up your sites and services this holiday season.  You can choose to do these yourselves or save some time and use our team to see this through for you. AmeriCommerce designers will create graphically appealing, industry-specific Holiday graphics to dress up your homepage and emails for the Holidays. These theme elements will be implemented and saved in your administration console for you to activate for the holidays. These holiday elements can be used for years to come.

Things to consider for HOLIDAZZLING your customers:

  • Holiday Site Header (starting at $395)
  • Holidazzle your company logo (starting at $200)
  • Holiday Homepage Design (starting at $1,250, a savings of 30%)
  • Site Tighten-Up Review! - review site to identify and correct alignment, color matching, JavaScript or order-flow issues and review any spot you might be losing traffic/sales (starting at $65)
  • Email template designs with a holiday splash (starting at $125 per template)
    • Let AmeriCommerce deliver your holiday email blast for as little a 2-3 cents per recipient
  • Promotional Landing Pages for email campaigns, sales, etc. (starting at $125)
  • Holiday Sales, Free Items & Shipping Specials setup (starting at $50)
  • Holiday Banners (starting at $125)
  • Setup Product Reviews (starting at $99)
  • Setup and sell Gift Certificates (new feature) (starting at $99)
  • Holiday Countdown Clocks (starting at $99)
  • Setup product feeds to major comparison shopping engines (starting at $75)
  • Managed Holiday Pay-per-click campaigns (10-15% of spend)

For all starting at prices, final costs are based on your specifications and requirements and an evaluation from the AmeriCommerce team.

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