One-Touch Shopping Portal Integration with AmeriCommerce 4.1 Shopping Cart Software

By Stefan Barlow - Updated On 2/6/2020

Beaumont, TX July 26, 2006 -- AmeriCommerce has released version 4.1 of their ecommerce shopping cart software with several new marketing tools including one-touch, set it and forget it catalog feed submissions to major shopping portals Google Base, Yahoo Shopping and ShopZilla and automatic Google Sitemap generation  to increase web store owner’s online visibility.

The new version also includes an updated and improved Affiliate Console, which allows online store owners to pay commissions to individuals and web sites who promote their products.  The new Affiliate Console gives affiliates an updated look at their earned commissions and the tools to build tracking links from the online store’s product catalog.

“AmeriCommerce is constantly looking for ways to increase exposure for our online store owners”, said Ed Sturrock, Product Manager for AmeriCommerce.  “With the introduction of automatic product catalog feeds to the web’s most popular shopping portals, merchants can easily increase their exposure to buyers world wide.”

Other new features include Snap-In based web-site design, new search engine optimization features, UPS WorldShip integration, and the ability to include content from pages using other web site development languages such as Classic ASP or PHP.

AmeriCommerce provides ecommerce solutions to a variety of online businesses, including shopping cart software, web design, custom development and marketing consultations.  Clients include B2B, B2C and internal purchasing systems in a various industries.

About AmeriCommerce
AmeriCommerce is a full service e-commerce solution provider.  In production since 2000, the AmeriCommerce shopping cart software is built on the concept of marketing performance, ease of use, and customization.  AmeriCommerce provides their customers with everything they need to design and operate a successful online storefront. AmeriCommerce also assists the development of accounting systems, call centers, marketing, and distribution, which is the infrastructure supporting the e-commerce business.  For more information, visit the AmeriCommerce web site.

About the Author

Stefan Barlow

Stefan Barlow is a DevOps Practice Manager at Amazon AWS and was previously the CTO and Co-Founder of AmeriCommerce.

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