Oh My! Feature Roundup from January to July!

By Justin McCullough - Updated On 2/6/2020

We release a lot of features. I mean a lot, and many of them go unnoticed.

In today’s post, we thought it might be good to just do a six month roundup and highlight some of the good stuff we’ve release for you between January and June of this year.

Many of these will boost your sales if you run with them!

1. Recurring Orders. Easy Money.
Make money with less work. The entrepreneurs dream!  Have you ever wanted to have one order repeat over and over again? Well, if you have products and services that are ordered and reordered at specific intervals like monthly subscriptions, memberships, or perhaps auto shipments of vitamins, supplies or skincare, then you'll be happy to set up our subscription services for recurring billing.  Go ahead, automate your sales!
2. Front-end Price Changes When Logged In.

Have you ever visited your storefront like a customer and wished you could change the price of a product? Well, now if you are logged in as an admin, you can modify the product price right from the cart. Click, change, done. You can also be logged in as an admin and not need a customer's password to manage their order - great for quick customer services changes or placing an order for the customer.
3. Custom Landing Page or a Unique Look Per Product, Category or Page.

Site templates are great, but sometimes that one product or that one page - JUST THAT ONE, needs to have a different look and feel. Maybe that one page should be three column instead of two, or perhaps full width without navigation. Well, now you can do that with a couple clicks in the admin area.
4. Faster Sales - Speed Up Product Selection While Browsing

So, your customer is in your store and shopping by category. Let's say it's a popular line of shirts with obvious variants like size, color, and quantity. Typically when browsing by category or section, you would not be able to see or select the variants until you were on the specific product detail page. We thought those clicks could be bypassed so now, when browsing products, you can show variants and select them without ever going into the product detail page! Faster shopping experiences for your customers mean more sales!
5. Customize the Layout of the Cart in One Page Checkout

We haven't quite made it code free with a tool, but if you have some coding skills you are now able to modify the look and layout of the cart on the one page checkout. This is an area where subtle changes could improve buyer confidence and conversions.
6. Printing Orders Got Easier - Thanks to Community Votes!

If you haven't submitted or voted on features, then you're missing out on being a part of our community and product development! Many of you asked for the ability to print invoice/packing slip from the "order edit" screen. Done! Keep your votes coming in!
7. Boost Buyer Confidence with Payment Options

Accept Visa but not American Express? Show only the logos for payment options you accept. Change them easily in the admin area and show these logos anywhere merge codes are supported.
8 Gift Certificates Drive Loyalty. Now Automated with Rules

Our coders are clever and always looking for areas to have rules and triggers that do neat stuff when it's setup. Now you can setup gift certificate automation for customers to automatically, or as we like to say - "automagically" get a gift certificate code emailed to them post-purchase. So if all $100 or more orders get a $10 gift certificate, consider it done if your rules are setup and automated. Just sit back and watch those customers returning to the site with their gift certificate. Loyalty with automation.
9. Drive Sales with Custom Quotes!

Close more sales by simplifying the buying process for high end customers, and special order situations. Use our "Quote Cart" and do all the leg-work FOR your customer by essentially preparing an entire order for them and all they have to do is click a link in their email that goes directly to the checkout process. Offer a price break on a specific purchase, send a customizable email template with a "Buy Now" link that goes straight to your AmeriCommerce shopping cart, see your customer automatically logged in so their buying process is as easy as possible. How about creating urgency or scarcity by setting an expiration date? So many possibilities on how you can use this to drive sales.
10. Know Your Role!

And Assign them too! Now administrators can assign customers/users and even employees by store. Speaking of employees, you can assign them specific roles and responsibilities too. Not all employees need the same level of access to your store to complete their job. Now you can limit this access to certain stores in addition to 50 areas within each store, based on what each employee needs access to. Now you can give the right people access to the right parts of your store!
11. Mo Mo Mo Money When You Go Mobile!

With just a few clicks in your admin, you can turn your site into a mobile store. Did you know that? No extra fees or special coding is needed either and you don't need a new domain name. All AmeriCommerce stores have a full functional mobile theme just waiting to be activated. Say yes to all those smart phone users who are browsing the web and wanting to shop.
12. Design Your Site With Live Design

Our new and Improved Live Design Tools offer a variety of drag and drop features, flexible layout options, and a search engine friendly layout through HTML5 and CSS3. Even if none of that makes sense, just know that you can do more design features and search engines will like the code that makes it work which means your site is more likely to rank well. More importantly, you get to work out designs without knowing how to code!

13. Coupon Codes. Do They Work?
We find ourselves asking which promotions work and what offers had the best results. Do you? Well, now you can track your success with coupons by being able to run reports by coupon codes. May not sound exciting, I know, but the new reports may help you run better promotions and measure which ones work and which ones don't. Improve your conversions and sales with better coupon selection thanks to better reporting!


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Justin McCullough

Justin McCullough is the Chief Product Officer at FSG. Head of Smart Buildings Division and Formerly VP of AmeriCommerce. He loves a challenge, big dreams, and getting stuff done. He is married with two boys, loves content marketing, ecommerce, and helping businesses succeed. You can catch him on twitter as mccJustin (twitter.com/mccJustin) or his own personal blog.

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