New Integrations within AmeriCommerce Software

Hey friends and fellow internet retailers, did you know we’ve added more apps and integrations recently?  Here’s a quick list of what's been released recently.  Check them out, each of these have special benefits that can help your online store.

Check out by Amazon

Checkout by Amazon is a complete checkout and payments service for e-commerce retailers. Offer Checkout by Amazon to enable millions of Amazon customers to use shipping addresses and payment information in their accounts to buy on your e-commerce or mobile website. Customers complete purchases quickly and conveniently, without ever leaving your website.

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Lexity Live

Track your visitors in real time for free. Get individual detailed customer sessions, analysis of visitors, and real-time analytics. This tool helps you understand where customers are spending their time and better understand your customers and their experience in your store.  (This feature is in beta testing and will be available in January 2013).

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Drive more customer activity using this email-driven marketing tool.  With Mineful you can set up a variety of triggers based on purchases, spending levels, last store visit and more.  This works a lot like the AmeriCommerce email drip series, and is completely focused on tools and reports that trigger emails and customer retention.

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Help customers find what they are looking for when they search for products by using Nextopia Search. Customers can find the products even if they have misspelled words or synonyms and can even filter or sort search results by price, rating, brand, color, or other variables.

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Let your customers share their purchase to their favorite social network. Shopalize's Post Purchase Sharing Plugin appears on your store's order confirmation page i.e. after checkout is complete. After every purchase is complete, shoppers are prompted and rewarded for sharing their purchase or your store with their friends on Facebook or Twitter. Shopalize also provide an A/B Testing platform to experiment with various campaigns and social analytics suite to measure ROI and track influential customers. Enable Rich Social Experiences on Your eCommerce Store.

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When a customer is ready to check out, TaxCloud sends your website the sales tax amount based on the origin, destination, and class of goods. Your website displays that sales tax amount and adds it on to the customer’s total. The customer finishes checking out, and your website notifies TaxCloud that the purchase was completed, allowing us to keep record the transaction for you. The TaxCloud service is free to use.

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