Mobile Commerce & Mobile Shopping Features Expanded

iphone-screenLike you and everyone else this side of Pluto, I own a mobile phone and am no longer fearful of being tracked by satellites discovering and advertising all of my dark secrets!  My wife already knows about my stealthy donut runs and my constant craving for nerdy movies, so I have little to hide.  Basically, we all have mobile phones and a large and growing group of us have smart phones capable of rich web experiences.  So let’s put these phones to use making you some money!

Mobile stores drive additional revenue for store owners by having mobile optimized websites ready for people on the go to use.  We are building AmeriCommerce 2010.6 to let you target mobile platforms like never before.

AmeriCommerce already supports virtually every new generation smart phone with our usual front end pages, layouts and checkout process, but many people in the industry still feel that a truly mobile optimized experience is still the way to go.  A look and feel that is finger friendly, with little-to-no zooming required, where you remove all the fluff and get down to just the pieces required to make a transaction or do research on the small screen.  We think this is a decision best left to you…serve your main page…or serve a mobile optimized page.

To that end, AmeriCommerce has added the ability to serve alternative site layouts for mobile phones, even the ability to target each individual platform with a specific layout and theme, which could come in handy in mimicking the specific UI of each platform.   Make an iPhone mobile store and an Android store run side-by-side with your main website and Facebook shop. Similar to our Facebook Store Social Commerce Application, we did not want to lose any major functionality when exposing the new mobile features, and that is what we have achieved, a truly mobile customizable interface where you have the control to change it to fit your business and customers.

Like any front end experience in AmeriCommerce, you have the ability to change all aspects of the mobile theme using mobile optimized snap-ins & widgets, mobile optimized layouts and other mobile friendly theme elements.  We are seeding this new feature with a mobile-optimized finger-friendly theme that is fully customizable and is HTML5 with backwards compatibility built in for older phones.


Now the choice is on you, will you use your full website with all of it’s depth?  Or switch to a mobile optimized website?  Let us know in the comments…we’re curious.

Till next time, may the SALE be with you!  (nerdy movie side peaking out again)