Live Design™ Web Site Builder Highlights

The Live Design™ Web Site Builder is AmeriCommerce’s new way to interact with the front end of your storefronts.  Now you can make your changes without having to navigate through your administration panel.  This new administration tool helps remove the disjoint and confusion of seeing the front end and the editing it in the back end admin console.  Now for the first time you can edit the areas of your site, the products, categories and more in a WYSIWYG environment instantly while browsing the site. 

Live Design™ Web Site Builder Highlights

  • Click through the front end of your website and edit content, products and more
  • Hover over areas and double click them to edit the region
  • Change design elements in and out as you are on the public facing portion of the site
  • Enhanced Admin Toolbar integrated into the front end design that lets you edit, navigate and perform actions
  • Removes the need to click around in the admin tool to edit the front end of the site
  • Quick links to products, categories, manufacturers and content integrate deep within your front end design seamlessly
  • Design your website using a live edit website builder that cuts design time by 25%

How to use:
Simply view site in Live Design mode from the stores menu, or click Live Design on the Admin Toolbar while logged in.

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