It's Official, We're in Love with Zendesk

On September 24th, we made the switch to our new support system, Zendesk.

It's been a great transition and we really do love it! Zendesk says "More than 65 million people around the world receive support from Zendesk-powered customer service departments and help desks." Looks like they can add a few thousand more thanks to all of you guys who rely upon AmeriCommerce for your ecommerce software!

It’s obvious you guys are happy about the transition too and thank you all for your comments and compliments along the way!

Going forward, all support tickets will be handled exclusively at which we have cleverly called the KnowledgeCenter.  

The KnowledgeCenter also includes all of our knowledge base articles, FAQ’s and How To documents. You’ll find it much easier to find information based on keyword and key phrase searches.  

Go here to open a support ticket.
Go here for knowledge base articles.

Why We Made the Switch to Zendesk...

The most direct answer is because you guys asked for it.

Our old support system was integrated years ago and at the time it was the best option for us. We did a lot to make it fit our needs and work, but as we began to explore other options, we kept coming back to the simplicity of Zendesk.  The ability to open tickets easily, search, and track tickets along with the features for forums, Q&A, voting, and all our articles to be searchable in one system became a clear benefit.

Internally, Zendesk has reporting screens that are far easier to use for ticket management than our previous system and it’s proven to be much easier to move support tickets to the right people who can help on any given issue.  

All of these things just add up to a better support experience.

If your business requires customer support and ticket management, we encourage you to check out Zendesk for your customer support too.

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Ed Sturrock
October 3, 2012 1:56 PM

It has been fun and interesting shaping ZenDesk to support our varied needs across our family of products, but it's been a great learning experience and essential to providing higher quality support to our customers!  It even works with our voting software that we have created to stay tapped into the happiness levels of our customers.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this project, here's to you!!

October 4, 2012 6:48 AM

Kudos to AmeriCommerce for listening to their customers' requests.  Great job!

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