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AmeriCommerce Feature Voting

AmeriCommerce has taken an ambitious track in our industry, we feel pretty strongly that we are one of the most feature rich and comprehensive ecommerce packages that exist in large part because we are open to change and listen to our community.  We may be biased, yes, but I really think that I personally am a pretty objective fellow and still feel that AmeriCommerce shines, yet we all have room to grow and innovate, especially in an industry this young and broad.

Until now, we have had a very intensive feedback cycle that involved gathering information from support tickets, forum posts, emails and so many other channels.  Sometimes we get hundreds of feature requests in a single day, not because we’re lacking, but because the ecommerce industry is becoming intensely deep and mature with so many new opportunities arising daily.  Frankly put, we need to get visual up in here and get some help in deciding what you want most!  We need you to tell us which features, integrations and extensions you want to see included in AmeriCommerce.  If you do that, we promise to continually draw from these ideas, to flesh them out with you and to do the ones you want most.

To do this we needed a central place for this info, a way for you to ‘vote’ on the features, to communicate centrally and work out the details of each feature.  So we chose a system that crowd sources the best ideas and displays them for us all to work on. 

The decision was tough.  We went back and forth for weeks between User Voice, Get Satisfaction and ZenDesk.   

  • WINNER: User Voice, we’ve had a free account with them for some time now trying it out with a few select customers.  Their simple approach, but deep and extensive admin console won us over.  It manages thousands of feature requests the best and has good moderation capabilities, work flows, widgets and a Facebook app coming soon. They have vote limits so someone like me can’t get crazy and just vote for every idea that strikes my fancy, I get excited…I can’t help it! 
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  • Runner Up: Get Satisfaction was close, man very close, they have a great product too, but they ask too many questions, it’s just a bit of interface overkill.  It didn’t have a simple user flow, it would have been confusing for our customers because they would have put support tickets into that interface due to the questions they asked and there was no way to turn that off.
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  • Runner Up: ZenDesk, a great product, is one we hope to use to replace our support software and knowledgebase with one day soon unless TenderApp or another winner emerges.  However, their feature voting capabilities are very rudimentary, just a +1/-1 approach. 
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Hopefully we chose wisely because we’re going to be putting a crazy amount of information that is near and dear to us all inside it’s walls.

NOW WE NEED YOU!  If you want it…ask for it!  Please, go vote and add feature ideas like crazy.  We will primarily pull from here and from our internal ideas to propel this product forward with new features almost every day!

Happy voting!!  As Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch would say…Dooo it!