Big secret revealed. Epic moves for AmeriCommerce!


We have a secret – a big one – that we’re ecstatic to share with you.

We’re humbled as we think about our journey from a home office, to a dusty warehouse, to today’s headquarters adorned in GeekLore and pop culture posters emblazoned by the likes of Ron Burgundy, Ben Stiller, Indiana Jones, Napoleon Dynamite and an epically large 40-foot tall comic illustration of the Flash.

AmeriCommerce has been building ecommerce selling tools for businesses with spunk and spirit for more than 10 years. Against all odds as a bootstrapped and scrappy startup, we’ve landed on the Inc 5000 three times, won CODiE awards for best ecommerce software, and saw more than $4 billion dollars generated in customers’ stores. We were also the first to offer multi-store, have a solid Facebook store solution, provide a rule engine with email automation, and offer dozens of free responsive themes.

Most importantly, we’ve had the great privilege of helping awesome brands and some of the most entrepreneurial people on the planet succeed online. And for that we are truly grateful. For all 5,000-plus businesses across 20 countries who believe in us and our process, software, kooky ideas and crazy team. Despite our limitations and smaller size, you recognized we are a better fit than others in the ecommerce industry, and that belief and support helped shape AmeriCommerce into one of the most robust and feature-rich ecommerce platforms today.

We want to keep that momentum going and take AmeriCommerce to the next level. We want to do more for you! But as a self-funded small business ourselves, we can’t invest as much, take large risks or innovate as quickly as we’d like. We’ve been unable to do all the things we aspire to do that empower businesses like yours through e-commerce innovation.

And that is where our big news comes in…

One day not long ago, a bank called and asked to chat. And not just any bank – a top 10 bank. One created by an entrepreneur himself who continues to lead the company today, and one that lives and breathes small business values, technology and design. We’ve received offers from acquirers and venture capitalists in the past, but we never felt they shared our passion for ecommerce, or our vision to invest and re-invest in a better business solution that empowers the smallest businesses to challenge the biggest.

This time, we found ourselves talking to a company that shares our vision – and our chats quickly turned into fist bumps and high fives! We made immediate heart-to-heart connections and quickly felt as if we were one mind speaking the same language. Who knew! It turns out another company exists just as excited about entrepreneurs, their success, having better tools, and investing in small business! And that company is Capital One.

We can’t tell you how amazed and happy we are to be joining forces with Capital One, the perfect home to take AmeriCommerce – our products and our people – to the next level. And we think you’ll love what is to come. Capital One is looking for the best new ideas to move banking and small business forward, and they believe our team and ecommerce software will help them along that path.

By joining Capital One, we’ll become part of a team that’s passionate about innovation, collaboration and empowerment of consumers and businesses. We see a huge opportunity for our beloved customers and business owners to better manage and grow their businesses. And we believe this is a win-win-win situation where all of us -- AmeriCommerce, Capital One and our customers – succeed!

And with that, our secret is a secret no longer, and I hope you’re as excited about this as we are. And don’t worry – nothing will change with our software, your store, or the support we offer. AmeriCommerce would be nothing without its entrepreneurs, those who know how to dream big and make ideas come to life. And we are proud to continue our mission helping the world SELL STUFF!

Below you’ll find answers to questions you may have about this news – and if you have more, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love you and look forward to all the awesome things ahead!

Happy Selling!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is happening? Effective November 1st, all customer contracts will be assigned to Capital One Merchant Services Corporation.

How does this impact me? Minimally. Your customer contracts have been assigned to Capital One Merchant Services, and your invoices will come from Capital One instead of AmeriCommerce. Everything else stays the same, and in the long term, will be even better!

Will this affect my online store? No way! This acquisition will have no effect on your online store, or our holiday season, phone or email support. (We know this is an important time of year for you!)

Will AmeriCommerce Slow Down? Nope – quite the opposite. You can expect great things and awesome tools that will help you manage and market business. Get ready!

What happens to AmeriCommerce’s awesome staff? They’ll keep doing what they’re great at! Building tools to help you sell. Except now we get to do it with the support of a top 10 bank. And we’ll look forward to new faces joining our family.

What if I have more questions? Just keep sending your support requests in at or calling extension 2 at 1.800.936.9006. We’ll still have real people answering support tickets and phones.

Will I see a change on my bill? We will continue with the same pricing and terms, but your invoices will now reflect that it is payable to Capital One Merchant Services.

Wait, what? Capital One is in the ecommerce business? Yep. It surprised us too! Capital One is passionate about Small Business and is dedicated to empowering small business owners. And they’ve felt this way for a couple years. Have you checked out AmeriCommerce? It’s pretty sweet for small businesses who need a mobile payment solution and card reader to sell stuff easily and on the go!

Does this affect our servers or data center? Nope. We will continue with Rackspace as our managed data center.

Is our PCI Compliance changing? Nope. Same servers, data centers, architecture and all the same ongoing PCI Compliance measures will continue. We will continue to be secure and PCI compliant.

Does support for AmeriCommerce change? Nope. Just keep sending your support requests in at or calling extension 2 at 1.800.936.9006. We’ll still have real people answering support tickets and phones.