Announcing New AmeriCommerce Product Blog


By popular demand (ok not really but hey, we think it’s needed) we now have a spot where we can open some direct communications with the community that isn’t buried in the forums or on an external site.  A place not constrained by the corporate hullaballoo and the constant need to word everything perfectly.  We’ve yearned for a place to discuss the product more openly and preview features before they are released and we have finally made this blog the home for that kind of information.

Some things we hope to share here:

  • Feature Previews of things to come
  • Idea Conversations to see what you think
  • Real World Use Cases of Existing Features
  • Training on new features
  • How people are using AmeriCommerce
  • AmeriCommerce Tips and Tricks

For example:

Right now we are gearing up for an exciting set of new features involving Social and Mobile features.   We will use this blog to release community preview screenshots and opening up feedback so that we can really tweak it all out by the time it’s made available to the masses.  The features will be available very soon in 2010.6, but we will continue fleshing them out through 2010.7/8 based on community feedback.  I know, I’m a tease…but it’s good stuff, trust me!

In Conclusion:

Hopefully we are on the right track with becoming an even more open and social company, something we are committed to doing.  Everyone here really lives and breathes ecommerce and our customers agendas, so let’s talk about it more.  AmeriCommerce has always been a customer focused company, adding the things that our customers request the most…we go where you tell us, so the more public about it we can be…the faster we can all get there! 

Till next time, Happy Carting!