AmeriCommerce Sets Its Sites on Rackspace

By Ed Sturrock - Updated On 2/6/2020

AmeriCommerce has chosen Rackspace Hosting in order to transition datacenter operations while offering an enhanced level of service, support and care to our customers.  Rackspace’s Intensive Hosting goes well beyond our requirements and is by far the clear choice for our new partner.  Our Rackspace Fanatical Support team, in conjunction with AmeriCommerce’s in-house Systems Operations team, will work hand-in-hand with to provide constant 24/7/365 hardware monitoring and support, including 1 hour hardware replacement guarantees, managed backups, premium servers, virtualization, and rapid capacity deployment.  This is an exciting and appealing upgrade to our existing service levels for all our customers.

While Internap has proven to be a flawlessly reliable enterprise-class service provider, we feel the benefits of migrating to a fully managed hosting environment are unmistakable, and will allow our teams to focus more on what we do best.  We will continue to develop the best ecommerce platform available and focus on our customer’s storefront needs, while allowing Rackspace to provide the hardware and operating system support they are world famous for.  AmeriCommerce will continue to maintain the Internap datacenter indefinitely for additional services such as offsite backups and disaster recovery.

Rackspace features:

  • Starting with more powerful hardware, including Dell PowerEdge quad core dual processor servers
  • Intensive Hosting provides 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and issue resolution for hardware and operating system issues
  • Custom-built servers available for dedicated offerings
  • Virtual Server offerings
  • Rackspace currently operates 9 datacenters around the world
  • Zero-Downtime Network Guarantee
  • 1 Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • High performance bandwidth
  • Cisco co-developed network configuration
  • Automated patch management
  • Much, much more!

Rackspace’s hardware and operating system monitoring will be a perfect complement to AmeriCommerce’s SiteMonitor system which tracks individual web sites for availability and response time.

AmeriCommerce will be implementing this shift over the next few months and it will be seamless and painless for our customers.   ProvisionDesk, AmeriCommerce’s in-house site management tool, allows us to automate the site transfer process with the click of a button.

Enhanced Focus, Reliability, Disaster Recover, Portability, Server Choices, Hardware Upgrades, New Talent, Expanded Team, Effortless Expansion…all of these great features and more will position AmeriCommerce for unmatched growth and customer service in the years ahead!  

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June 17, 2009 9:24 AM

Rackspace is without a doubt a leader in their industry.. I feel good to know my sites are hosted with them!

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