AmeriCommerce introduces Facebook Shop and Mobile Commerce for online stores

By Ed Sturrock - Updated On 2/6/2020

cartydefBeaumont, TX (AmeriCommerce) March 16, 2011 -- Social and mobile commerce are both fast growing online commerce markets and AmeriCommerce Shopping Cart Software has launched applications and new features to empower small and large online businesses to compete effectively in these markets.

The latest AmeriCommerce release revolutionizes the Facebook Shop marketplace (also known as f-commerce). The new application allows visitors to shop directly within Facebook pages using the AmeriCommerce Facebook store. This has previously been an expensive endeavor, out of reach for most small and mid-sized businesses. The latest version of AmeriCommerce not only provides a complete Facebook Shop at an affordable price, the shop is also integrated directly with the business’s main online store for centralized management. The new release ensures the playing ground is even for businesses large and small, allowing every business to be part of the fast growing social commerce market by having their own Facebook store.

a complete Facebook Shop at an affordable price, the Facebook store is also integrated directly with the business’s main online store for centralized management

The Facebook Shop application is easy to configure and comes ready with a user friendly layout requiring no programming skills as well as custom layout controls for store owners wanting to further customize the look and feel.

In addition, AmeriCommerce has also released a number of features for store owners to tie in their websites with Facebook allowing their visitors to Like and Share products directly from their websites and their Facebook Shop. The features are in-depth giving the store owner the capability of boosting their Facebook marketing and presence quickly.

Another noteworthy feature in this new release is the enhanced Mobile Commerce optimized website and user experience. This feature set gives online store owners the ability to create a custom and user friendly experience based on the mobile device that shoppers are using. “The mobile payments marketplace is growing at break neck speed and is estimated to reach over $600 billion in 2015 and we want to ensure store owners can gain a significant market share early in the cycle. Our mobile commerce optimization and features are geared to help store owners establish their mobile commerce presence quickly and provide a fantastic user experience to their visitors” said Co-Founder Ed Sturrock.

Some of these mobile commerce features are the ability to serve alternative site layouts for mobile phones and a mobile friendly search feature. Both features create an outstanding user experience for the growing mobile device users. Adding the ability to target each individual platform with a specific layout and theme makes it easy to mimic the specific UI of each mobile phone platform. Store owners can create a look and feel that is finger friendly, with little-to-no zooming required, removing all the fluff and get down to just the pieces required to make a transaction or do research on the small screen.

In addition to the mobile and social commerce features, the new release also has powerful usability and rich-media features. Some of these include video support on product pages for an easy to implement rich media experience, elegant and user friendly product display with custom product variant swatches, polished advanced navigation functionality with check box display attributes, auto complete search, and mobile friendly search feature.

Other significant features in this release include integration with Shareasale affiliate marketing software, Constant Contact email marketing and product-specific handling fees.

AmeriCommerce pioneered the Multiple Storefronts technology and is an eCommerce solution with robust online store management and marketing tools. The award winning shopping cart software leads in the number of features as well as the depth of features and tools. Setting up and managing large and complex catalogs with multiple price points, promotions and shipping configurations are standard features of the product.

About AmeriCommerce:
AmeriCommerce is a full service e-commerce solution provider. In production since 2000, the AmeriCommerce shopping cart software is built on the concept of marketing performance, ease of use, and customization. AmeriCommerce pioneered the Multiple Storefront Technology™ and provides their customers with everything they need to design and operate successful online storefronts. For more information, visit the AmeriCommerce web site.

AmeriCommerce has been voted a CODiE award finalist in 2007, 2008 and 2010 and won the 2010 CODiE award for Best eCommerce Solution.

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