AmeriCommerce 4.3 honored as Small Business Computing 2008 Finalist

By Ed Sturrock - Updated On 2/6/2020


AmeriCommerce 4.3 Nominated for Best Storefront Software by Small Business Computing

Small Business Computing has chosen the top 5 small business products in each category and will award the top honors based on YOUR feedback. AmeriCommerce 4.3 has been nominated for the Storefront category under Ecommerce.

Earlier this year, AmeriCommerce 4.1 was honored as a top 5 finalist in the 2007 CODiE Awards for Best Ecommerce Solution, and 4.3 was nominated for 2008 CODiE Awards as well.

Please take the time to vote for AmeriCommerce for the Storefront category in the 2008 Small Business Computing Awards at the link below:

Thank you!
Your AmeriCommerce Team

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July 29, 2009 1:02 PM

Congrats, you guys deserve it!

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