AmeriCommerce Announces New Incentives and Discounts

AmeriCommerce defies current economic trends in its meteoric rise in the shopping cart platform market and we want to share our success with our customers.  Last month AmeriCommerce quietly unwrapped a few new incentives, discounts and pricing changes to give back to our customers new and old and enable them to remain competitive in the current economic environment.    Let’s outline a few of them here for everyone’s benefit!

Pricing changes as seen on: http://www.americommerce.com/store/pg/1-Shopping-Cart-Software-Price-List.aspx 

  • All Hosting Plans
    • Reduced plan pricing for first 3 months from 10-33%!
    • Reduced setup fees!
    • Reduced and published pre-purchased bandwidth rates!
      • Rates as low as $3/GB (compare that to other fully managed hosting carts!)
  • Bronze Level Plan Changes
    • Lowered pricing to $29 for first 3 months!
    • Removed transaction fees permanently!
    • Reduced setup fees!
    • Enable multiple storefront technology on Bronze!
    • Increased product limits to 250
  • Silver Level Plan Changes
    • Created increased bonuses for paying annually
    • Converted old ‘Gold’ plans to annual silvers (losing nothing)
  • Gold Level Plan Changes
    • New higher limits, products and bandwidth caps setting it solidly between Silver and Platinum.
    • Increased Google Adwords Credits
  • Platinum Level Plan Changes
    • Reduced Tiered Pre-Purchased Licensing Fees for Products
    • Reduced Tiered Pre-Purchased Licensing Fees for Bandwidth
    • Increased Google Adwords Credits

In addition to these plan changes, AmeriCommerce has created new web design and implementation plans as well as changing existing naming for clarity.  With these changes AmeriCommerce shows that it is truly dedicated to providing our customers best-of-breed software at value pricing.