More Power & More Control! Welcome “My Account”


With several months of blood sweat and tears by our hard-working product development team, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new My Account service! Allowing merchants of the AmeriCommerce platform to manage their own account has been requested by customers for years and we’re super excited to announce that this service is now finally landing to those that have been patiently waiting. We’ve not only introduced the much requested invoice and billing management system, but we’ve added tons of new features that ALL users will be able to benefit from.

NOTE: We are still in process of rolling this out and we are breaking it up in stages, however a good amount of customers already have access. We expect the vast majority of our customers to be fully migrated within 30-60 days.

Let’s break down all the cool stuff being introduced in My Account.

Account Plan Management

Now you can easily see your current plan level, bandwidth, product count, storage/disk usage, store count, and even what you’re current AmeriCommerce Payments rate is. From here, you can easily change your plan level at any time by clicking the “change plan” button. Changing your plan level in itself is a completely new capability introduced with My Account.

To get to the My Account landing page, simply log in to your online store an click on your profile avatar. From there, select the option labelled "My Account"!

Billing and Invoice Management

My Account not only allows real time plan management, but also introduces a way to pay your invoices within your admin, change your default billing method, add alternative payment methods, and look at previous invoice history.

Manage Your Online Stores

Now you can look at all of your online stores in one spot. It’s no secret that AmeriCommerce prides itself in the world’s most powerful multi-store features for e-commerce, so it’s only fitting we bring all your stores in one spot at a glance. Add new stores, control go-lives, manage SSL certificates and much more from the new domain control area of My Account.

Manage Account Contacts

Do you have an old contact on file? Old billing address on file? Now you can manage directly who we contact whenever we need something! Whether it’s a billing contact, technical contact, primary owner, etc. you can manage them all here.

More to Come

My Account won’t stop here! We’re in process of building a panel to manage all of your support tickets in the admin as well as developing a new background process area for those that use imports/exports regularly.

AmeriCommerce is committed to providing a platform that is innovative and moving forward for the e-commerce industry. If you have ideas for features and services you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know by submitting a request in our feature voting/request area

Interested in following along with new features and improvements? Don't forget to follow our always-loaded release history area of our support portal! 

Happy Selling!