Spring 2018 Release Update


If you haven't noticed, the team at AmeriCommerce has been making some impressive strides lately and working tirelessly to improve our platform's speed, stability and security while bringing some awesome new capabilities our merchants will love. In the last 6 months, we've seen a 202% increase in total sales and a 256% increase in addon services! By targeting the most common issues experienced by our merchants we've also reduced total incoming support tickets by 47% while also increasing our customer satisfaction ratings by an additional 4%!

We're not stopping there. Since our last release update, we've hit the whiteboards and brought our lunch pails in an effort to kick things into gear for all those loyal customers looking for more.

Welcome to more.

New Features

  • Auto SSL – AmeriCommerce becomes the first ecommerce platform to introduce Automated SSL's. No more renewal dates – no more headaches. With a Digicert backing and $1M warranty we're changing how SSL Certificates are managed for ecommerce merchants everywhere. Check it out here.
  • Name Your Store – Now you can name your store and have a provisioned Store URL based on your input directly from the "start a trial" process.
  • Purge CDN - Purge CDN and Clear Cache have been added to Tools area in-app as well as in the Actions > Theme Edit section of the Live Design.
  • FedEx Freight LTL - FedEx LTL is now a supported integration available as a shipping providers in the admin of your online store.
  • SFTP - You can now schedule exports automatically to a remote server via SFTP.
  • New Merge Codes – Among some small updates, we've added this detailed product view (##VARIANTINVENTORYDETAILTABLE##) giving users the ability to show variant inventory details in table format. You can also see all our current Merge Codes listed here.

New Partners

  • Cloudflare - AmeriCommerce partnered with Cloudflare to offer CDN, Automated SSL Management, faster and more secure (Argo) traffic routing, bolstered security against DDOS attacks and much more.
  • WorldPay - WorldPay is one of the world's largest payment processors with 146 countries served and 126 different currencies supported. Learn about what WorldPay has to offer here.
  • POWr - What better integration than "the powerful ecommerce platform" and the company known for "making websites more powerful"? Form Builder is the first plugin to be integrated with many more on the way. Check out powr.io to learn more about their plug-ins.
  • WePayWePay, a Chase Company, is now the preferred payment provider for AmeriCommerce merchants. Together we'll be introducing AmeriCommerce Payments and a new way for our merchants to protect from fraud and charge-backs.

Random Stuff

  • Free Themes - All themes listed in the AmeriCommerce theme store are now 100% FREE!
  • Feature Voting - Our feature voting area at vote.americommerce.com has been completely migrated to our community area here.
  • Support Chat - Support Chat is now available. You can access our support team from any chat window on AmeriCommerce.com or support.AmeriCommerce.com
  • Release History - Release History has been moved from releasehistory.AmeriCommerce.com to our community area here. Check it out to see what our developers are building or fixing!

In Beta - Coming Soon to Admin

  • Domain Control – An entirely new area being developed to help empower our customers to manage SSL Certificates and Domain Settings on their own without needing to create support tickets.
  • Automated Go-Lives - Trying to launch your online store on a domain? Now you can launch your website with a click of a button at your own pace.
  • Rename Your Store URL – If you've been wanting to rename your Shared/Store URL (for example store12345.americommerce.com), now you can change it at any time directly from the Domain Control area.
  • Manage Your SSL Certificates - You can now upload your own certificates, switch to free/shared SSL, buy from our list of certificates, or upgrade to the all-new Auto SSL right from your own admin.
  • Add Multi-Store - Now you can add a multi-store directly in your admin without ever needing a ticket or agent assistance. Simply click to add your new store, choose your store name, and presto! You've just added a Multi-Store.

What's Next?

As you can see in our "In Beta" section, the Cloudflare partnership has opened several doors for the future. We are working on some big time Admin upgrades such as a Domain Control, but it won't stop there. The Domain Control is only one piece of the puzzle that our product team is chasing to increase our user experience.

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As Always - Happy Selling!

-AmeriCommerce Team