Blogs. Multiple Blogs. Unlimited Store Blogs!

Blogs are central components to marketing and SEO strategies.  No doubt about it.

But blogs aren’t just a tool for the pro online marketers; they’re much more than that.

Blogs are vital for building customer loyalty, a community of people and are a great way to increase your visibility and build your website traffic.  

Blogs are also very important in extending your brand, message, and perspective of your industry.

With the store blog tools, you can:

  • Create unlimited blogs and blog posts
  • Create a unique design for each of your store blogs
  • Create custom URL’s for your blogs and blog posts
  • Sell products directly from your blogs and blog posts
  • Create and manage blogs for multiple stores
  • Share your posts on social networks and in email newsletters

We recommend using the blog system to have one blog for news and announcements like press releases and company updates and another blog for valuable customer content, helpful articles, tips, and more.  You might also have another blog for your employee voices, industry insider news, or case studies and success stories.

Of course the strategy is up to you, but you’ll find with the AmeriCommerce blog system you can do things other blogs simply don’t accommodate. For instance, with AmeriCommerce you can have more than one blog, blog feed, and the ability design your blog to look different than your store website if you choose. You can also list products directly from your blog which means you can sell from your blog!

The system has familiar components such as a wysiwyg editor, widgets, and blog post pages and more.

The blog system includes tools for:

  • Creating, editing and managing blogs, blog rolls, and blog posts
  • Using blog lists to aggregate all your blogs rolls into one master blog list
  • Moderating images and comments
  • Using multiple authors of your blog
  • Customer profiles and customizations to their profile
  • Various widgets for categories, tags, comments, recent posts etc.
  • Comments, social sharing, and maintaining user profiles
  • Categorizing and tagging posts
  • RSS Feeds for each blog
  • Customized URL’s for each blog and blog post
  • SEO fields for title and meta data for each blog and blog post

With tools like these, you’ll be able to do a lot of marketing, selling, and traffic driving blog posts for your store.

This feature is available in version 2013.1 and beyond.  All current themes have been updated with the necessary blog pages and can be downloaded from the theme repository.

Check out these articles to learn more about the blog system and how it works.

Good luck on your blogging friends.