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Cardservice International (now FDIS) powers over 23 billion merchant transactions every year. That is over $1.2 trillion dollars in volume. Each time you use your debit or credit card, visit an ATM, buy a gift card or write a check, there's a good chance that we're behind the scenes making it possible. Cardservice International provides processing services to the largest financial services providers, the merchant around the corner and even to governments.

Since the founding of Cardservice International (now FDIS) in 1988, our track record of brining ground breaking products, services and technology to the marketplace has kept us at the forefront of the industry. Although CSI works with some of the largest institutions in the world, we believe in the value of small and medium-size businesses. CSI helps these organizations manage the opportunities and risks associated with payment processing. That is why we have one of the highest merchant approval rates in the industry.

How To Add Ignite Payments (Cardservice International) to Your AmeriCommerce Online Store:

1. Click here to create an account with Ignite Payments

2. Simply sign into your online store and then navigate to Settings > Payments > Payment Gateways > Add. From there you will see the supported gateway.

If you need further help, just contact the AmeriCommerce support team and we'll walk you through it.

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