How Twitter Ads for Ecommerce Can Boost Your Biz

Ever since its launch in 2004, Twitter has been an awesome platform to help merchants grow their online store . With just 140 characters to play with, this unique social site encourages us to get to the point – and fast.

But as Twitter grew - so did its users – and with 288 million people to contend with, it's pretty challenging to get your tweet seen, let alone retweeted.

So that's why Twitter ads can be so valuable for your ecommerce store, and why we're about to teach you how to use them...

Creating your campaign

Clearly your overall goal is to grow your Ecommerce store any which way you can, but Twitter gives you specific options depending on what you want to achieve....

1. Grow your Twitter followers

Growing your following on Twitter is a smart move. Not only will it help you connect to your audience, but it can also convince people that you are the go-to person in what you sell.

Promote your account

If you did choose this option then you'll be paying to promote your account. When you go to set up the campaign, you can assign your product as a category to target the people who will be interested in following you. You'll then be asked to create a tweet, so make sure you give valuable reasons as to why they should follow you.

And once you're ready, Twitter will ask you where you would like your tweet to appear, either on a users timeline, or on the 'who to follow' pages.

2. Drive website clicks or conversions

This is the one that probably stands out as the most attractive – after all – conversions are what dreams are made of! Twitter lets you do this very easily by setting up a 'website card' so you can track your campaign...

What is a website card?

A website card will let you include your web content within a tweet. This is great for highlighting your products to help drive conversions. Make sure you include an image, your website URL and your call-to-action to ensure that it is correctly optimized.

The website card will then appear on the home timeline of the people you are targeting.

3. Increase tweet engagement

There's nothing more frustrating than putting together an awesome social strategy of content, only for you to get no engagement back in return. By running this type of campaign you can encourage users to engage with your content.

It works in the same way as encouraging people to follow your account. You'll set aside a budget to promote the tweet, and because it's a native ad , it'll appear nicely in a users feed.

Check out our example below. We've targeted the user with the problem they might be facing, included our URL and a link to download the content.

4. Drive app downloads

If you've got an app for your online store then great! You can now officially use Twitter ads to help drive installs.

To put this into action you need to buy an 'App Card' that lets users check out an image of your app, see what other people have rated it and a call-to-action. It'll appear in the timeline feed, but only if the user is viewing Twitter on their mobile phone.

5. Find leads

Twitter is the perfect to place to find leads, and by using Twitter ads, you can really drill down and find the people who are genuinely interested in your product. To do this, you'll need to opt for a 'Lead Generation Card'.

Built within the tweet, users will be able to include their email address so you can encourage them to sign up to an account, your emails, or whatever it is you want to offer them.

As with the other tweets, make sure you include an attractive image of what you are offering and a strong call-to-action.

Setting your budget

When it comes to your ad spends, you can spend as much or as little as you like. It's similar to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in that you pay for how many clicks you see...

  • Promoting your account : You will only pay if a person clicks to follow you.
  • Driving conversions: You will only pay if a person clicks through to your site
  • Tweet engagement: You will only pay if a person replies, retweets, favorites, expands, or follows you.
  • App downloads: You will only pay when someone clicks on your app card.
  • Finding leads: You will only pay when someone fills out contact information.

When considering budget, think about how much you can afford and be sure to keep testing the right amount for your campaigns.

Defining your audience

When it comes to creating your campaigns, you'll be asked to assign the type of people that you want to target.

If you haven’t already, make sure you create a buyer persona so you know exactly who you are targeting. You can then optimize your campaigns to target people by user interests, keywords, specific followers, locations and even by mobile device.

So long as you target the people who have a genuine interest in your product, you'll be well on your way to running a successful ad campaign.

Closing thoughts

Investing in Twitter ads is definitely worth doing so if you want to grow your business. The advertising platform is built right into your account, it's really easy to use and offers plenty of tips on how you can run a successful campaign. Remember to monitor your campaigns and choose the budget that is right for you!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you need any help with  selling in person or selling online, please let us know!