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Website : www.elfsight.com

Integration Overview

Open up a world of new and useful apps and widgets with Elfsight!  Everything is made easier with the plethora of add-ons to your AmeriCommerce store that have an easy set up and can be adjusted without code!  

Some of the amazing widgets Elfsight offers

  • Social widgets such as Instagram and Facebook feeds as well as share buttons.
  • Review widgets like Amazon, Google and Facebook reviews to display anywhere on your AmeriCommerce Store.
  • Additonal E-Commerce plugins such as pricing tables and paypal buttons.
  • Chat features through Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp.
  • Form builders for any type of insights from your customers.
  • Set up a gallery of videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Add something special to your site with Podcasts and radio players.
  • A variety of tools for pretty much any need you could have on your website, from cookie consent to QR codes and so much more!

These are just some of the amazing features offered to you by Elfsight.  Visit their website for so much more


About The Partner

Elfsight is an amazing app integration platform for websites.  They provide easy-to-use application plugins that expand upon what is already available on the platform.  Elfsight requires no coding experience, only a simple setup and you are ready to go.  Expand your website by signing up with Elfsight for free and start selling!

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