Use Customer Rewards to Earn Points on Purchases and Increase Loyalty

Store owners need a way to reward purchases beyond free product giveaways or deep discounts. Don’t you agree?

Instead of competing on price how about rewarding customers for their purchases with points – redeemable points!

The AmeriCommerce customer rewards system enables you to have a full rewards system in place for purchases, redemption, and payment. Now you can create marketing promotions that drive more purchases and create more loyalty.

With the reward system you can:

  1. Set points earned per dollar spent
  2. Set dollar value per point redeemed
  3. Set number of days before points are available
  4. Set number of days before expiring
  5. Set the minimum rewards points to redeem
  6. Remove certain products from earning points
  7. Create bonus point earning capabilities
  8. Allow points to be used for payment
  9. Use email notices for expiring points
  10. Display points available to earn on each product
  11. Display total number of points the entire cart of items earns
  12. Apply bonus reward points to specific products
  13. Apply a manual increase or decrease of points per specific customer
  14. Label “Points” as “Credits”, “MyBucks” etc so it matches your marketing message

Use the reward system to create stronger ties to your customers.  The points will help encourage repeat visits and when you add points to your promotions, you’ll be able to increase your overall purchases and return purchases.

Go here to learn more about how to setup and configure the customer rewards.

Happy selling and enjoy the sweet rewards!