Case Study: How Projectorscreen.com overcame large challenges with large solutions

As the eCommerce Manager for a multi-divisional, multi-million dollar corporation, Brian Gluck was faced with a tough challenge: Streamline over a dozen existing websites into a single ecommerce platform.

As a busy and successful manufacturer and distributor of Audio Visual Equipment his Company’s requirements for Brian were simple:

  • Lose none of the current ecommerce functionality
  • Make it easier to manage more than a dozen stores in one place
  • Keep the flexibility to continually develop all the online properties.

To apply even more pressure, Brian needed to migrate these existing sites without any downtime.

The resulting research lead Brian to AmeriCommerce as the solution. Now with years of work, dozens of AmeriCommerce sites under his belt since 2007, Brian Gluck has become a true “AmeriCommerce Power User”.

Becoming an AmeriCommerce Power User

While migrating these sites, Gluck saw great value in the robust attribute system within AmeriCommerce, and he was quickly able to differentiate his company stores from the competition by offering the best navigation experience through a catalog of over 30,000 very similar products. And with all the requirements for the switch to AmeriCommerce, Gluck began methodically growing all the stores traffic and sales through the built-in SEO features (and some know-how and elbow grease). This push for organic search results allowed his stores to achieve page 1 rankings on most of their sites for at least 1 of their top 3 keywords.

While talking to Brian about the challenge of moving all these sites to AmeriCommerce, he said:

“The Multi-Store management capability was a very big deal to us at that time. My company had rather large portfolio of websites of which were controlled independently. Having a unified product database and administrative section was a key factor in our search.

AmeriCommerce was also willing to do a good deal of customizations to the product, satisfying the disparate requests from the various business units which “had to be there on day 1”.

The feature set of AmeriCommerce was also very robust, and API access would allow us to program many of our own customizations.

At the end of the day, all of that great stuff has a price and I still feel the same today as I did back in 2007 - AmeriCommerce offers the best value for your money that I can find which satisfies my requirements. “

Now with over 8 years in his previous roles of eCommerce Manager and Managing Director, Brian Gluck now focuses on consulting for AmeriCommerce clients and the development of his own eCommerce websites exclusively on AmeriCommerce.

Now, with over 8 years in his previous roles of eCommerce Manager and Managing Director, Brian Gluck now focuses on his own eCommerce websites, ProjectorScreen.com, 4KProjectors.com and others, exclusively on AmeriCommerce.

Today, as an “AmeriCommerce Power User”, Brian sees great opportunity for AmeriCommerce store owners who are serious about running large and successful stores.

Brian suggests merchants consider the following:

Take Advantage of Attributes

Instead of a rigid hierarchical category structure, use AmeriCommerce attributes to allow your customers to navigate your site based on important criteria that matters to them, such as price, color, size etc. It creates a much better user experience and definitely increases sales.

Make use of Adcodes 

This is a real hidden gem inside of AmeriCommerce because you can use them for automatic application of discounts, for tracking offline conversions back to online campaigns and even as a basis for conditional merges (another hidden gem in the app).

Start out with an eye for Multi-Stores

Start out with an eye for multi-stores even if you’re not ready for multi-stores. This is by far one of the best features of AmeriCommerce and allows you to grow without selecting another platform or a ton of double-work or rework.

“As an eCommerce store owner, I’m most concerned with the things that enable me to convert my visitors (after spending so many resources driving them to the site), and secondarily things that add to my efficiencies – both of which are possible with the AmeriCommerce platform”.